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Advice On Fostering

July 11th, 2007, 11:35 AM
many of you may have read- we have a stray kitten(turns out she is an adult) and are interested in fostering her. any advice as to what to expect? ill update the thread started in the other forum on our vet visit.
any advice is appreciated!!


July 21st, 2007, 08:40 PM
Are you fostering for a rescue group? Either way, the cat first should go to a vet for a check-up and vaccines. Also de-worming, de-fleaing, getting rid of ear mites etc... It takes about 10 days for the vaccines to work. If you have cats of your own you should keep them separate from the stray. Preferably in another room. Good luck and enjoy your stray. It sure is a great experience!

July 21st, 2007, 09:05 PM
yep, had a huge 'to do' about it. she has an abscess in her tail, got it taken care of. she was about 3lbs when we got her when she should have at least been 8lbs... she is probably now up to 5lbs or so. she really packed it on. moms good cookin?? :)

we got her rabies shot, dewormed and defleaed but because of her weight issues we didnt want to give her vaccines yet. i want to take her for another vet visit next week....

but to answer your question, yes we are fostering for a rescue here. its kitten season so there was no room for her soemwhere else (or so thats how i put it to my husband!) and thats how we ended up being fosters.

we decide who adopts her (and boy they better be soemthign special!).