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Theme from The Twilight Zone

July 10th, 2007, 05:01 PM
I feel like humming the theme from the Twilight Zone.

One of the first posts I made when I peeked in here today 9am still at work - eating dinner while I type) was to the thread I started about Harry Potter. I needed to check the spelling of Minerva - as in McG in the book, the head of Potter's house who can turn into a cat!

Well, for some reason - inexplicable to me and that has NEVER happened before - the word Minerva has stayed with me. I use Foxfire as a browser and as you may know, one can check the spelling with that browser in forms like this site uses. Well, the word Minerva comes up no matter what word I am looking for - even if it no way resembles Minerva. I have no idea why and I have to admit, it's kinds of freaky, lol

I very much like this character - after all, she can become a cat,m what's not to like - and I like her human persona as well. (I checked both this and persona and Minerva came up again at the top of the list - how bizarre is that????)

Has this ever happened to anyone else - or do I need to talk to my aunt - who is a psychiatrist, lol? (Tho she'll just tell me I think about cats too much, lol)

I am sure it is some glitch but it is most unusual, :crazy: