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*UPDATE on Kyra*

July 10th, 2007, 08:20 AM
Just a little update since my vet visit with Kyra....turns out she had both crystals and another UTI. I feel totally responsible, I should have only fed her wet food since her last one. From now on however I will only feed her wet food, and I will try to find a higher PH than Felidae's 6.5. She was put on cephalexin this time since she's allergic to Clavamox, and the Baytril had given her diarhea...but this one isn't any better. It is in pill form and when I tried to pill her, she'd vomit less than an hour later. We then tried to disolve it in water and give it to her via syringe...but she only foamed it up, and probably only ended up with half the dose. She also doesn't appear to be getting better...and now she's vomitting right after wether we administer through syringe or not, and she's got it's back to the vet! This time I'm going to get an x-ray to make sure it isn't a kidney stone (even though the bloodtest was fine, apparently sometimes it doesn't matter if it's a kidney stone)..and maybe put her on baytril again as last time it got rid of the UTI, and is the lesser of evils as far as symptoms go. I think I will have to put her on a dissolution formula as well if there are still crystals present...I'm crossing my fingers hoping she doesn't have a kidney stone for I know surgery is likely the removal method. stressful...I just want her to feel better and for her not to have any more UTI's or crystals! I really don't want to have to keep her on medical for the rest of her life as I hate hate hate the ingredients specially the menadione....but I also feel like I'm exhausting all my options...I won't give up though...I am going to put her on a higher PH food, as soon as she's rid of this...and also try some herbal UTI remedies....ooops sorry I seem to have rambled on! I'll update after the vet and let you all know how it went/what the diagnosis was....*fingers crossed*