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Do cats grieve over loss?

July 9th, 2007, 10:43 PM
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On June 22nd my beautiful orange tabby, Blade, passed away. He was with me for 12 fantastic years. I have also had my 1st cat, Quincy, for about 2 months longer than I have had Blade. So they were together for the full 12 years. As I still struggle to get through each day without Blade Ive notice some changes in Quincy. She seems somewhat discontent. I wonder if shes waiting for Blade to come home. I know cats are ,by nature, solitary animals but they were together for 12 years.....thats a long time no matter who or what you are. I wonder if or when I should introduce another cat into our home. I worry about both of my other two cats ...Dudabug is my 3rd..he is a lil psycho but I love him the same. He also is getting close to 12 years old. He has been in our extended family the whole time but with me for about the last 5 years... he and Quincy have never gotten along very well. After lossing Blade ,Im like an over protective parent. I just wonder if cats grieve over a loss after being together that long. Thanks.

Here are some more pics of my lil family. Blade is the orange tabby, Quincy is the lil grey tabby and Dudabug is the big black and white one...notice Dudabug is by I said....he is a lil psycho. They all have such different personalities but that is one of the things that make them so special. Notice Blade and Quincy....they were always together.

July 9th, 2007, 10:51 PM
I'm so sorry for your loss :pray: I do think cats grieve.... one of my paarents' cats got out a few years ago and her sister kitty cried in front of the fridge for a long time... the other cat used to spend her afternoons on or behind the fridge, which is why she sat there and cried.

July 9th, 2007, 11:04 PM
I don't doubt that Quincy also feels a great loss, as they were close. She'll need some time to get over losing her friend too. :grouphug:

July 9th, 2007, 11:19 PM
dudabug, again sorry for your loss:grouphug:

Yes cats and all pets really do feel the loss of another pet or a human for that matter. In my personal experience I too have a cat Duffy who is 16years old this year, when I got her she was 8wks & I had a 1 yr cat Mischief. These 2 bonded a bit for the 1 year but after that were not best friends (they tolerated each other - both dominate personalities:D ) Everytime Mischief would be drinking from the H2O dish w/ her tail straight out & Duffy would sneak up behind her & sniff her tail knowing it bugs the heck out of her. When Mischief @ 12 years old passed on Duffy would still be looking for her everytime she walked into the kitchen (Duffy's territory), or my room where Mischief was :queen: & always slept. It took her a while before she would come & sleep w/me, often I have found her smelling the pillow beside mine where Mischief would often sleep, I firmly believe Mischief is still here with me just like Blade is still with you.

A year & a half after I loss Mischief I lost my :dog: Cally (rescued as an older dog) who was Duffy's best buddy for the 6 years I had him. For a long, long time she would look for him & was sad he wasn't around to play.

Obviously your :angel: Blade & Quincy were a firmly bonded pair, in time Quincy will heal & hopefully will be helped through this time by Dudabug.

btw Dudabug is handsome:lovestruck: & :love: the Quincy hug :)

:grouphug: growler & Duffy