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new cat

July 9th, 2007, 05:41 PM
Hi, I was hoping maybe someone out there might be able to help with something. On June 11th my Carly had passed and one next day my husband came home with a newbie, Shamie had not seen Carly when she died or after, I got new littler pans because we were seeing little presents on the basement floor nest to the pan, thinking it's the newbie, but the person we got her from said she always used the box, so now I'm thinking Shamie might be doing this because she has anixity

July 9th, 2007, 08:48 PM
Could be anxiety , could be she still smells the other cat , could be a health problem....

Jim Hall
July 9th, 2007, 09:04 PM
put the box Somehere else or try anothe r litter/

July 9th, 2007, 09:35 PM
It could be one of many variables. I am assuming you have rled out a UTI and she has had a complete heath check prior to bringing her home or you brought her to a vet for a get to know you session and a basic exam soon after she arrived. Here are some possibilities to consider:

The location of the litter box. Make sure it is in a private area, away from the busy areas of your home. Do not place it near h\er food,

How many boxes you have. The rule of thumb is one box per cat plus one so with one cat, you need 2 - she may want one for uirnatng and another for defecation. Some cats are just like that.

It is possible she smells the other cat and is thinking I want MY own box so maybe you could try the other box and see how that works out.

She may well be anxious in a new home tho that typically does not prevent a new cat from using a litter box when she always has in the past. Unless the situation that brought her to you was very traumatic, she may well be no more anxious than any other cat in a new surrounding. What was her behaviour like before? Has it changed now?

She did not recently have surgery that she now associates with the litter box? Declawed cats tend to not want to use a litter box post p because they associate the box with the severe pain of that dreadful and unnecessary surgery. I am suggesting you had her declawed - just asking if it possible you adapted her from a shelter where she was surrendered due to being declawed.

She may be use to a different type of box and litter. Ask the person who had her before what kind of box and litter they used. If it is not high quality litter, gradually change it - cats hate change and a gradual change to a better litter -depending on whether the litter she used was good or not (it may well be just fine) but let her adjust to your home first. Some cats like clumping litter -others do not. Also, ask them what kind of boxes they used. Covered boxes look good in theory but they actually let the cat breathe in lots of particulates from the litter that is not healthy for their little bodies. So, she may be used to a covered box or vice versa. You may have to make that change once she is used to your home as well.

IF it is anxiety, you might try some rescue remedy or feliway to allow her to adjust to you and your home. Don;t make too many changes too quickly and she'll probably be fine.

But the first thine is to make sure it is not a UTI. One of the best way cats have of telling us all is not well with their system is inappropriate urination.

Good luck!!