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Is this aggression? Dog problem.

July 9th, 2007, 11:41 AM
We used to live in the country where my now 3 year old mixed breed dog had the run of 3 acres of fenced in yard and then our military posting came and here we are just outside of Montreal with neighbors all around us and our dog going nuts!! He has a huge outdoor dog kennel, takes up most of my back yard - yeah, he's spoiled! Well, we expected some barking, as we have a walking trail that butts up against our back yard but the situation lately seems to be getting worse. He's fine with most other dogs and cats (we have2 cats) and very friendly to people (we've got 2 kids). However, when someone walks by with or without a dog, child or adult, he starts barking uncontrollably and not really lunging, more like jumping towards them, then he jumps back and forth like this until they're gone.. his tail is wagging the whole time... my husband says he's just looking to play.. I honestly can't tell anymore! Would his tail be wagging if he was being aggressive?? His barking is really gettin bad though, he barks constantly while he's outside... I tried a sonic bark collar but he somehow got it off and ate it - I must not have put it tight enough. Anyway, any advice.. Thanks...woof.

July 9th, 2007, 11:59 AM
Sounds like he's looking to play. Do you leave him in the kennel all day? I know a large outdoor kennel is wonderful, but he may be bored. He'd probably rather spend most of his time inside with you and then just go out to play and for walks. :shrug:
You're neighbors won't be thanking you for a dog that's barking all the time. Mine start barking and I bring them in, I would complain if I had to listen to a neighbours dog barking all the time and I don't expect anyone to listen to mine either. :p

July 9th, 2007, 12:19 PM
Oh geez no he's not outside all day -he's completely spoiled.. he actually doesn't like to be outside by himself here at all!! We're lucky if he spends 3 hours a day in his $800 kennel! We're talking about a dog that when I go to the washroom he runs and sits at the door, he is always at my feet.. I go to the kitchen, he drags his bed behind me, I come back to the living room, he drags his bed back.. its kinda annoying actually.. I'm always tripping over him! We go for 2 walks every day, sometimes more depending on the weather. But, even if we're outside with him, the barking goes on and on... even at the birds! I've talked to my neighbors about it, we're in a duplex, they say it's not a problem, they have a dog themselves, but they said even if it bothered them, it's not like he's outside late at night or all day long. A dog barks.. don't worry about it they say!

July 9th, 2007, 09:21 PM

A dog wags his tail when he gets excited.

While many people feel that tail wagging is friendly, and a lot of the time it is, it is not always a sign of being friendly or wanting to play. You would need to look for other cues to know what type of behavior your dog is exhibiting.

If I had to guess, based on the information that I have available to me, I would guess that your dog has claimed the trail as part of your yard.

Since you lived in an area with a larger yard, your dog seems not to be used to living in such close proximity of other people and pets. It's a big change and it may take a while for your pet to adjust.

If you could put up privacy fencing or something across the back of your dogs pen to block the view of the walking trail, that may help.

Maybe also using the trail would help? Maybe you already do.... I am just not sure about this...

As far as your neighbors go... although they say that they are OK with it, they may just be trying to be neighborly. You are doing the right thing by trying to control his barking when you are outside to stop this before it does become a problem.

Someone on here was speaking about teaching their dog "quiet" while another taught their dog to whisper... I seriously never thought of doing this when I taught Chance to speak and think that either one of these commands would be quite useful in certain situations, such as the one that you are trying to deal with now.

I do wish your good luck! :goodvibes:

July 9th, 2007, 09:53 PM
Welcome to the forum Breavery :)

What breeds is your dog? Most dogs that wag their tails up high in the air are on "on alert." Your dog may just be warning others to stay away :shrug: . Unfortunately, if the people/dogs walk away, this is reinforcing his behavior. I agree with Chances Mom that teaching your dog the "Quiet" command would be a good idea. You will always have to be outside with him when you begin to teach him this. Leave a short lead on you dog while you are outside. When he begins to bark, calmly take his leash and redirect his attention to you. Do not yell or raise your voice or he will think you're barking with him :D . As soon as he stops barking, say "quiet" and pop a treat into his mouth immediately. Keep repeating this each time he begins to bark at others walking by. Once he's learned the command, and if he happens to disobey you when you say "quiet," bring him indoors for for a time-out (1-2 minutes). Ignore him the entire time. Let him back out. If he starts to bark again, bring him back in for another time out. Just make sure it's not for more than a few minutes or he'll forget why you've brought him in. Within a week or two, you'll see lots of improvement, as long as you're always consistent (make sure hubby follows the same steps when you're not there).

What kind of fencing do you have up between your yard and the path?