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Attack cat

July 7th, 2007, 02:35 AM
[/B]Hello everyone! I'm from Southern Louisiana (down the Bayou). I need help with my cat. His name is Scratch. I got him August 2005.He was abandon his eyes were not open yet. I had to feed him with a bottle. As he was getting older he was always very playful but rough (biting hard and scratching). When he was old enought Ihad him neutered. I did not have him declawed.The problem is he attacks people. I always have people over so he is used to being around people. (Ihad a friend whos cat would hide when people would come over) Scratch comes out to see who's there. He would go and sit on their lap let them pet him and at times he would ignore them. Once in a while it would turn into rough playing. Now I have to put him in a room when somone comes. He will not leave them alone. He hisses, scratches, and bites. My sixteen year old daughter and her friend were watching tv he jumped on her scratched and bit her (friend) she did'nt even know he was there. Then a few days later my daughters friend is sitting down with scratch on her lap. When her friends are over they stay in her room and if they want to come out my daughter comes tell me so I can put him in a room. He has caught me by surprise by jumping and wrapping his paws around my legs, Ihave to pry him off. And at other times he is so sweet. When he sleeps with me he puts his paw around my neck like he is hugging me. Now I have a granddaughter she will be a year July 30. Ibabysit for my daughter. He has not done anything to her but I am afraid he will. I can tell when he is in the attacking mood most of the time. But he does suprise me. I told the vet about it and he said he is playing. Maybe he is. I started to let him go outside thinking maybe if he is more active he would stop. but I think its is getting worst. I can't find him a new home because if he don't know you he will attack. Declawing him will only solve the scratching. Where I live we have stray cats all over. It is just recently we have animal control picking up strays. So people tell me to just put him out. I let him out then he comes to the door when he is ready to come in, but I worry when he is out. The only thing that helps is when he is in his attacking mood I get a water bottle and spray it in the air and he backs off.But I can't have everyone to carry a water bottle. And its not that people provoke him.
Please give me suggestions, We really love Scratch

July 7th, 2007, 04:52 AM
Please don't put him outside ~ there are so many dangers out there that he can get into which may be dangerous to himself and dangerous to you.

If a water bottle works with him, why not spend a week or two or even a month with everyone using it, if it means a happy lifetime with your cat ?
Please don't underestimate your children and their friends willingness help. If they understand it's the water bottle or the cat "goes, I'm confident that they like you will choose the water bottle.:fingerscr

July 7th, 2007, 07:26 AM
I agree with mumx3,it is worth a try,I always keep a small spraybottle around in case my 3 cats play,will turn in to a fight.
I don't soak them,by now it's enough I show them the bottle.:cat:
Putting him outside with stray cats around is not a good idea,or outside period,he can get hurt or worse yet killed.
Did your vet not suggest a calming medicin,personally I don't like to drug my cats,but in your case,it might be worth a try.
Cat-bites can be very dangerous,I know from experience...
Sorry I cannot give you any other advice,I am assuming the vet gave him a clean bill of health.
Good Luck with your feisty kitty:fingerscr

July 7th, 2007, 10:13 AM
I agree with everyone else. Do NOT put him outside. It's too dangerous for cats to be out there. And if you're diligent for a month or so I bet that you can train him not to attack. You could buy a handful of those spray bottles (they're under a dollar around here) and keep them in strategic places around the house for a while. Cats are independent but they're also smart and they can be trained !

July 8th, 2007, 09:01 AM
Thanks for the info. I will go today and buy a few water bottles and lay them around the house.

July 8th, 2007, 11:36 PM
Hi Scratch.... Im from southern Louisiana also...SW La. I have a huge black and white tom cat, Dudabug, who is kinda psycho (but I love him dearly)..and I had the same problem. The water bottles work. It may take a little time but it works. Just make sure that the kids dont spray to play...only do it when he does bad. Also, maybe make some noise as you're spraying for a double effect. And I agree with everyone else.... please DONT let him outside. There are just too many dangers for our curious cats. Keep us posted.:thumbs up

July 10th, 2007, 12:38 AM
Well I am using the water bottles. He does not attack people, but watches them like a hawk while trying to hide (which scares them so they rather stay behind closed doors) I already brought calming medicine (to put in water) at petco but Scratch is very finiky and would not drink it. I will see how it goes for a few days and if no change I will take him to the vet. He may give him something. Thanks Everyone!