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doberman with possible idiopathis head tremmers

July 6th, 2007, 02:15 PM
Recently my doberman Baron has been having these episodes where he is completely alert and seems not affected at all with these episodes. He will shake hias head up and down for about 3 minutes. He had one episode on June 29th then on the 30th he had a second, I took him to the emergency vet where he had a complete blood workup done where all his levels were normal. The vet diagnosed him with epilepsy and wanted to put him on pheno, I did not want that because he is only 20 months and I do not want all that strain on his liver. So the vet gave him DMG an all natural supplement that has been proven to help with minor seizures. since then he had two more episodes. I did some research and found out dobermans and bulldogs can be prone to these head tremmers. so far I have found that some people distract the dogs with treats and that can snap them out of it, which worked for me this morning with him. Some people say it is a sugar problem, yet his levels were normal. He is on eaglepack (an all natural food) so I'm guesing that has nothing to do with it. Has anyone found out anything else about these tremmers, such as is there anything that can help him aside from anti-seizure meds(which I heard don't work with these types of tremmers), do these usually go away, what cause these tremmers and are they harmful on their body? I have been taking a log of them and dropped it off at his vet for him to look over, and I guess the dmg takes a couple weeks to get into his system. Any advice or experience with these would really help, thank-you:dog:

July 6th, 2007, 06:40 PM
Hi dobermanlover75, a friend of mine who lost her beloved Golden last year to epilepsy wanted me to post this link for you :

she has also offer her e-mail adress if you had any questions, unfortunatly , I can't post it here , I could pm you but you have to have a certain number of posts to receive pm and I can see you only posted twice. Good luck with your dog , hope this link answers your questions.