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Pesty Dog

July 4th, 2007, 08:53 AM
ok, Mister is a real sweetie pie but if he isnt a PEST then i dont know what a pest is!

the cats.... he is the lowest creature in the tribe. he knows this. of the dynamics of our tribe, everyone has established their place.

WHY does Mister feel the need to pester everyone? the cats beat him up REGULARLY, i reprimand him consistently for pestering them but if he walks past them, they move, sit on my lap, sit ANYWHERE he can sniff them he does so.

my sister has a female pit mix who is a genuine sweetie... Mister pesters her too. she let him sniff her butt for FIVE FREEKING MINUTES before she decided he sniffed enough and then spent the next 20 minutes snapping at him because he would just not let it be. she 'told' him no, i told him no and finally started taking Prieta away from him since that seems to be the only thing that makes an impact and here it made none.

i guess im not sure where the message is getting lost with the other animals in his life. he doesnt want to PLAY with the cats really, he just wants to sniff them and if you have cats you know that they feel that is NOT acceptable.

we arent really sure what to do abotu this. what we do when he pesters the cats we walk this path-

we first say 'NO! leave it be!' (which is the same thing for anytign he is focusing on that he shouldnt be) and then call him to us and make him lay down. if they(the cats) are in the kitchen, well thats Misters area and i dont reprimand him for bugging the cats.

anyway, if the NO! doesnt work (which it never does for long) then we do it one more time all the way through. if THAT doesnt work (which it does SOMETIMES) we say the same thing and then banish him to the kitchen for 5 minutes.

when we let him back in, he walks past and pesters the cats. *sigh* which sends him right back to the kitchen.

if left alone to do as he wants... ive watched him get his nose scratched by any one of our cats for over 15 minutes before i let him outside as a distraction.

in those situations he goes to sniff, gets swiped at without a connection which makes him sniff closer until he DOES get swiped, then he usually goes on a lower level than the cats, bounces back up and does it all over again.

the hierarchy of the house is this- to me i am the Alpha, my husband is only a small step below me, my daughter is on par and my son is 'wee baby' status... not to be played with but antics are tolerated. now Hunter (cat) may be the top dog in the tribe. not positive but Hunter is able to stop the whole household to give me a bath but doesnt wield his power other than that. the other two cats are... im not sure. he sniffs and pesters them all the same.

we have tried to let them duke it out but were afraid his persistence would end up giving him the upper hand. i think he kept at it for over 20 minutes and i was afraid Baby Girl would just walk away.

how do you teach your dog to not pester (not challenge) your cats and other animals

any sort of insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.



July 4th, 2007, 09:33 AM

Looks like your dog needs attention (exercise)...

What breed is he?

Try taking him out for a real walk (run after walk) a couple of times a day, see what happens.

This could be not his fault...

July 4th, 2007, 10:07 AM
I'm sorry I always forget, w4r -- but how old is mister?

I'm just wondering because Cosmo is the single most obnoxious and rude dog on earth at this stage. (Although it sounds like Mister could give him a run for his money...) And uh I was hoping it is a stage. We spend about 3/4 of our time when we're all together saying "Cosmo - ENOUGH" He's always chewing on Judge or licking the cats... or flea-biting someone's shoe-laces... And everyone just groans.

I agree with filox though -- wearing him out might do the trick. We've recently been able to teach Cosmo to fetch reliably and he's INTO it now... SO when he's completely irritating someone takes him out and throws the ball until he's so tired he's dragging it back... Then we get some peace!!!!

July 4th, 2007, 12:35 PM
Jaida (now almost 8 months old) was the biggest pest with our cats and other dog! We did the same as you, consistently, and it never seemed to drive home the message. She's roll over all submissively, but be wagging her tail, then go right back to the naughtiness!

However, she seems to be growing out of it...she's still a pest, but is learning manners...slowly...don't know if that helps...

Ford Girl
July 5th, 2007, 03:26 PM
Is your dog a puppy by chance? That's what they do when they are bored. the pestering part. As for bothering his brother and sisters, I would say that's normal.

Dazy never stops bothering her brother, Pubert - who is a old kitty, we use to stop it, now we let them at it, Pubert brings it on himself, and they duke it out, but in a brother sister kinda way, they will work things out.

When she goes to daycare, she doesn't stop, she pesters the other dogs..let's play, let's play, for 8 hours straight!!! The ladies there have to put her down for quiet time cuz she won't rest on her own. She even got nipped once on the nose by a small dog cuz she was bothering him. (I had to fill out an incident report, which was also signed by the other furmom LOL!)

AGREED - A TIRED DOG IS A GOOD DOG! You have to challange them mentally too, we train every night, sometimes for only 10 minutes but up to 1/2 an hour, but it tires her out, plus she engages in at the very minumum of 1 hour of hard play each day!! We aim for 2. Altho it takes about 4 hours to wipe her out. Plus a morning walk before we leave for work, about 1/2 an hour. And she goes to day care once a week, off leash park at least once a week, I schedual play dates too. Sounds like alot doesn't it? At first I thought it was, but then I realized the benefits to haveing a tired dog. If we go more then one day between activities she drives me nuts, she litterally bounces off the wall, barks nonstop, pesters the cat even more, forgets her manners.

Also, if your pooch is a chewer, bones and meat sticks and kongs occupy them if you can't get out and about. Mines a power chewer, she will hew a bone for hours, but that shouldn't replace human interaction.

July 9th, 2007, 10:31 AM
crud... is it me or does this place swallow replies?? betcha its me. *rolls eyes* i coulda swore i replied to this twice but im a flake so hey....

so yes, he IS a puppy, 9 months old?? we really run him to pieces when we can.... which is between 2x daily to 3 or 4x... and not in tossing the ball a few times and callign it done... im talking (on the ones where he behaves and gives me the ball... otherwise its cut as short as he makes it) dragging his butt back to me and pleading to NOT throw the ball again LOL!! he gets a peanut butter kong filled once a day when i make dinner or a large bone to chew with a fresh meat paste i make for him. and religiously before bed we work on his sitting/staying/down/up before we let him out to go potty.

he is just a pesty dog.

if its his age, i can handle that... the light at the end of the tunnel is important... even if its far away.

oh... on the subject of tossing the ball for him... he was barreling at me before when he brought the ball back but narrowly missing me as he came near. this morning instead of swerving he hit me dead on. ive been afraid to go out there with him since then... my knees are killing me and i dont know what do to the next time he does that. im 120lbs and he is 80lbs... not enough of a difference to me. :( we had a big problem with my daughter (because duh, im a dork and wasnt watching her with him after the first few times i showed her how) having him chase her to get the ball or her chasing him to get the ball... we have had to really work to get him to bring the ball and not chase or want to be chased or wrestle the ball out of my hand, which brings an end to fetch. i make my Marge Simpson mmmmMMmm sound and then go straight inside.

so this doesnt turn into another of those times i made my lost posts.... im going to go ahead and post it. ill finish it up later. :)


July 10th, 2007, 07:59 AM
Sounds like he's just kind of dense :laughing:

Cats reprimand him for sniffing too much, another dog even reprimands him after they've had enough of his bad manners and he doesn't take notice.

If I were you I would take it upon yourself to do the correcting when he shows this behavior. Do not let the sniffing go on long enough to where the other animal has to do the correcting for you, he apparently does not catch on to this.
Give him a certain amount of time that he's allowed to sniff another dog and then call him back to your side. Obedience training would be a DEFINITE help with this. Though I've trained my dogs on my own just fine, with a dog that happens to be a bit dense as far as figuring out what is appropriate and what is not I would go with actual obedience training classes. It would help INFINITELY if you have complete control of him at certain times and he has a proper understanding of what is expected of him. Though it is good to let dogs teach each other manners at certain times he apparently is having trouble reading the other animal's behavior.

As far as the cats I would teach him to ignore them altogether. I had to do this with Walnut when she was younger. When she go to the point where she knew not to pay any attention whatsoever to the cats we started introducing her to them on leash for very short amounts of time and teaching her which behavior is appropriate with them. If any inappropriate behavior was shown at ALL (starting to stare at them, pulling leash to sniff them, etc.) she was corrected for that behavior and lead away from them. ALWAYS reward for ignoring the cats. Now she plays with them just fine, gently, does not become fixated on them or engage in constant pestering/sniffing. We have 3 cats, so the temptation is high, but they MUST be taught to ignore first. If the cats are such an interest to him, you will have a hard time getting him to stop the sniffing/pestering behavior unless he knows he's supposed to ignore them in the first place.
It is just WAY too hard to teach appropriate behavior towards cats when the dog is already completely fixated on them. And that's what it is, it's not pestering the cats it's fixated. When he sits there and sticks his nose in their face and won't leave them alone that's fixation and can QUICKLY elevate to chasing and even seeing them as prey. (There are a couple of threads on here where people's dogs sniffed their cats constantly, always followed them around but seemed friendly and one day they came home to dead cats. NOT to try and scare you, but dogs are heavily prey driven so in the blink of the eye that instinct can take over if not kept in check. As I said not to scare, but just to show the extreme end of what can happen if seemingly innocent behavior goes unchecked).
When they are in your lap he should be taught not to pay any attention them whatsoever. Tell him to go lay down, or go get one of his toys. I found that toys or chews/rawhides actually work well, and most dogs are glad to go lay down if they have something to chew on/play with and occupy their time. If the cats are on the floor and he goes over to start and pester them say "no!" and call him back to you (if you want a command that applies ONLY to the cats you can make up another command...we always said "no kitties!" and it worked well). Do NOT let him to continue staring at the cats or paying attention to them whatsoever. Every time he becomes interested in one get his attention and reward him for paying attention to YOU before he becomes to interested in them. You can also utilize treats if you choose to do so. When he comes to sniff the cat you can throw a treat in the oposite direction, or have someone else call him over to them and give him a treat.

Hopefully this helps and makes sense. It's kind of early so I'm not exactly thinking very clearly at the moment:laughing: . This has worked for me and is pretty standard training. Most dogs with fixation issues are simply taught to ignore whatever their fixation is, and attention should be redirected either to you or an appropriate item such as a toy.

July 10th, 2007, 01:06 PM
yep, we are very careful to favor Jeffrey and discourage any even remotely shady behavior to him, the cats... if they take off his first instinct is to run after them. we ahve been workng to tell him that ANY attention to the cats is a bad thing. we give im the dissaproving noise and a firm NO! when he goes near them and praise him when he walks away or ignores them.

why does he do it? i mean is he being dominant? is he testing the cats and other dogs? he isnt challenging... just ignoring the warnings.


Jim Hall
July 10th, 2007, 01:55 PM
this is so funny
I think your dog is a liitle dense
we all know pepole like this too They just dont get it

i had the reverse i briugh a new cat into the household and she would not leave my labrador alone the poor dog put up with it he was very sweet about it eventually sherbet the cat lost her fascination with the dog and they became friends and actually bonded

You got a puppy sometimes they just need time .

July 13th, 2007, 10:37 PM
why does he do it? i mean is he being dominant? is he testing the cats and other dogs? he isnt challenging... just ignoring the warnings.


With the cats it's more of a prey instinct thing, they look interesting, they smell interesting, and if they run it gives him the urge to chase. All dogs have some level of prey instinct, but with some it is much higher than others. The higher your dogs prey instinct the more difficult it will be for you to break him of the behavior. Of course prey instinct isn't the only thing that factors into his cat fixation, but it is a large part. and domination has little or nothing to do with it.

With other dogs it's hard to say if it's dominance because I can't see his actual interaction. It doesn't sound like dominance necessarily, it sounds like the other dog smelled very interesting. Is the other dog fixed? You'll see that kind of sniffing behavior a lot when there is an unfixed female dog, especially near heat, because they put off a strong smell to other dogs. In fact is your own dog fixed? I didn't see any mention of it, if not that could have a lot to do with it. If he IS fixed, it could still play into why he's so interested in the smell of the other dog. Or perhaps the other dog just had the smell of something else on her, does she live with any other animals such as cats?
Either way, the big thing is not what elicted the sniffing, dogs will always find something that they want to sit there and sniff for several minutes. The big thing is that you have a way to call him to you or break his attention from whatever he's sniffing if you decide that it has gone on long enough.

July 18th, 2007, 10:59 AM
duh, i missed the last two posts here. oops!!

we had someone come by today who worked with us in our home and our habits... ill post another thread about it in a moment.

she worked with us concerning the things we needed tweeking with... the things you cant really read about in a book. :) it, in just one sitting, helped tremendously(!!!) with our handling Mister. i think the cat question was answered then too. :)

Misters fascination with other dogs is more of a 'interesting' thing. the cats... same thing but because of our cats inability to defend themselves if we arent there makes his interest in them unacceptable. ive taken to getting his attention away from the cats when he focus' on them and moving them up on the pack authority chain by feeding them first, giving them attention first... thigns like that. its helped a great deal. :) it really helps that i have one cat who is willing to take food from him LOL!! and also be social with him.