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Dazy got really sick this weekend! Scared us!

Ford Girl
July 3rd, 2007, 02:47 PM
Hi everyone, here is our little nightmare story from the long weekend...she's fine now but man did she scare us!!

We were camping this past long weekend and Saturday after a long afternoon nap I fed Dazy, she ate it all up like normal...then came and laid beside me, which was strange cuz she was off leash and would normally go running off like a crazy I looked down and her eye was swollen almost shut...I lured her in the trailer cuz she wouldn't stand up on her own, so I could look at it...she she started drooling, shaking, twitching, eyes rolling back in her head, incoherant - even her favorite people couldn't get her attention, she would try and sit or stand and would lose her, we packed her up in the car and left camp right away. We got back in to the city within an hour, it didnt get any worse on our way in, but it didn't get any better either...we brought her to the 24 hour animal emerg.

They admitted her, IV'd her, pumped her stomach, enima, they were concerned with toxic shock and liver failure...with us being out at camp there is all kinds of things to get in to..from wild muchrooms to antifreeze, to bog water, to insect stings...

We went home and waited, got a call at 9am the next day saying she was fine but that they thought her liver wasn't breaking down protien properly (yet the blood work supposedly said everythings fine?) and she had to stay for the remainder of the day on IV, we were told to picked her up at 8pm Sunday night, which was 1/2 an hour after her assigned vet left, just in time for us to talk to a vet who didn't treat her.

Their diagnosis: toxin ingestion or Hepatic Encephalopathy
Their suggestioned treatment: Lower protien diet - either medical or hills, have regular vet run identical blood panel as they ran to ensure test results are normal. PLUS run an additional $400's worth of tests to dig further in to her liver and kidneys.

Here's what I find strange, the addmitting tech noted the bite on her eye (it was hugely swollen), but none of the vets looked in to it or even noted it, they kept brushing us off when we mentioned it, they told me they were going to run a blood panel yet each time I asked about the results each vet said...if the other vet was concerned we wouldnt be releasing her, they said it was fine nothing abnormal, I would retort by saying why are you concerned about liver functions then, and no one ever explained it, we saw 3 vets and 2 techs, plus the admitting folks, so we never got a straight answer from anyone. They recommeneded she be on a low protein diet, and gave us 2 cans of Hills Gastro (I think that's the brand) to last us the entire evening Sunday and the holiday Monday (not even close to enough food to get me thru the stat holiday until stores open Tuesday) Dazy eats Orijen, so she is on a high protien diet, with lots of added natural foods so as I expected - the Hills made her tummy upset!! She doesn't do well with grain based products.

Today, my regular vet called me and said he got the report from the emerg hospital and was conferenceing with them today to find out what all the mixed info meant, they told him the liver and kidney stats were fine over the phone but later in the faxed report they suggested the whole liver issue...(and the blood work write up never made it to him either) and to find out why none of them had acknowledged the bite on her eye as a possible source of the toxin. My vet said if the blood panel was normal he is not sure why they kept refereing to liver issues and prescribed the Hills food. I can't wait to talk to him again to see if the vets at the emerg can explain it better to him then they did to us.

It just all seems very contrdicting, and it's unclear to us what the issue was and what kind of follow up we should do, I am glad we rushed her in, there was obviously something wrong..she was sick!!! My husband and I are leaning towards the toxic ingestion or an insect sting rather then an underlying liver issue.

DON'T EVEN ASK ME WHAT THIS COST US! HAHAH! Doesn't really matter, but it would be nice if the results were conclusive or even closem, or if they could even tell me why they came to the conclusion of Hepatic Encephalopathy. We will do anything for her, I just don't want to put her thru tests that are not needed ot spend more money than we already have if it was infact a toxin that is now cleared from her system.

Today, Dazy is doing well, she hungry from smaller meals with less protien and tired from the heat but otherwise doing good. She is back on her regular kibble as per my regular vets reccomendation, and seems to be doing fine on it. She sure scared us, we love her so much, life wouldn't be the same with out her.

July 3rd, 2007, 03:00 PM
Wow, that really was a scare. I'm glad you were so nearby when you noticed something was wrong and were able to get her treatment asap. Unfortunate experience at the emergency vet clinic though. Hopefully your vet will get to the bottom of it soon. Thank goodness Dazy is doing better. :fingerscr and :goodvibes: that she continues to improve.

July 3rd, 2007, 03:03 PM
Gee! Scary weekend!! PHEW! Hope she keeps feeling better. :grouphug:

July 3rd, 2007, 03:08 PM
Souhds like a crazy weekend for you! :grouphug: I'm glad Dazy is better, anyway! That's great news! :highfive:

I hope your vet is able to make sense of the conflicting reports after talking to the clinic... Don't you wonder, though, if the doctors at that first clinic ever talk to each other? :rolleyes:

It sure does seem like a big coincidence that she had the bad reaction (swelling) from the bug bite and the symptoms at the same time! :shrug:

Hopefully there's no lasting damage and she won't need any of those additional tests! :fingerscr

July 3rd, 2007, 03:22 PM
Holy smokes! Super-scary:eek: :eek: :eek: !

My heart goes out to you...but I'm glad she appears to be on the mend. Let us know how everything turns out when you finally get a clear picture of the problem....

Ford Girl
July 3rd, 2007, 04:06 PM
It sure does seem like a big coincidence that she had the bad reaction (swelling) from the bug bite and the symptoms at the same time! :shrug:

I agree, we thought it right from the beginning, yet no one at the emerg would aknowledge it, strange!!! The admitting person noted it and made comments about it, but the 3rd doc we chatted with when we went to pick her up had no idea what were talking about. And, in fact, her eye is still a bit swollen.

And, the first vet asked me if she had ever had the head bobble/wobbliness before after a big meal, I said no, not after a big meal but once after a hard play in the rain/mud but was chalked up to growing pains as it was accompanied by leg stiffness...anyways, he says back.."you said that was right after a big high protien meal" and I said, "no, it was after a hard play" and he says.."but she had had a big high protien meal that day" and I said..."yes, like any other meal, it's 1.5 cups of Orijen, but at supper time, not at 2:00am when she was aching, not right before we saw that"..he says.."so she ate a big meal that day to?" I responded and said she eats every day, twice a day.

I was like...what are they getting at? Where is this conversation going? Yes, she eats every day??? Yes, it's high protien. Weird.