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Breakaway collars!

July 1st, 2007, 04:13 PM
Well, my cat Ella has always had a breakaway collar. She doesn't go outside (neither does Sam, my other cat) but I always thought it was a good idea. Last week I was in the living room (with our puppy Helix) and heard a crash from the hallway. I figured it was just the kitties knocking things over and didn't run to check- but Helix did. A couple of minutes later he came running into the living room with something in his mouth. Once I got it from him I saw that it was Ella's collar, broken! She must have snagged it on something and it broke- she could have hung herself if it wouldn't have been a breakaway. She was perfectly fine though. I ordered two new breakaway collars for my kitties from Ebay as well as fancy new name tags. I'll post pictures when the come in :) Helix, our puppy, also has a breakaway collar for dogs that I would highly recommend. They are definitely worth it!