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Hello from Halifax

June 29th, 2007, 09:29 AM
I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I stumbled upon this site quite by accident while doing some reseach on dog food. It was a wonderful find and certainly pointed in the right direction. I have one furry son named Luke who is a mix of lab/Shepherd/Mastiff.

June 29th, 2007, 09:51 AM
Welcome to the forum!!

If the picture in your avatar is your puppy - you will be needing to post a bigger picture! :D

June 29th, 2007, 10:26 AM
Welcome. We were in Halifax May 30 - June 3 - very busy flights! Nice city -hadn't been there since 1975. Liked Annie's Cafe downtown - it is so hard to find a place these days that isn't a chain - I hate globalization. Also bought a long, yellow rubber raincoat with a hood at Classic Shoes - we have had so much rain in Toronto and my Eskimo loves to take me out in it. Price of $39 was great - too bad I look so horrible in yellow. But love the weight and that it is long and heavy - I am 5' 8" so the length was important.

June 29th, 2007, 10:29 AM
Welcome from another Haligonian! Where in Hfx do you live - there is another poster from Hfx too - around somewhere, lives in Clayton Park. I lived there once but now live in the south end close to where I work.

What do you think of all this cat discussion by ou esteemed counsellors? :shrug:

June 29th, 2007, 11:46 AM
Thanks all for the welcome!

There will be pics, oh yes there will ..

SnowDancer, I completely understand..I'm 5'9". length is always an issue clothes shopping.

CyberKitten- Actually I live in Timberlea but work right off Robie Street. I think our counsellors are going to have a fun time trying to enforce that little gem. I am of mixed mind on this. I completely agree that there is a problem - we have 5 feral cats that live outside our office and produce litters that we subsquently have to capture and find homes for (the adults are too smart to get trapped). But how they plan to enforce it is beyond me!:confused:

June 29th, 2007, 01:44 PM
Hi, Riluke! Welcome to the forum!

Fallin' off the bandwagon here--I live no where near Halifax! he he

I'll second LavenderRott's request to please post a larger picture of your boy, Luke! :thumbs up We love pictures! :D And Luke looks like a sweetie! :lovestruck: Lab/shepherd/mastiff...sounds like he's a lot bigger boy in real life than he looks in your avatar, though! :eek:

June 29th, 2007, 03:34 PM
Welcome to the forum

June 29th, 2007, 05:39 PM
Welcome to the forum. Can hardly wait to see pics of Luke. :lovestruck: