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Delicate question about my cat.......

June 26th, 2007, 09:12 PM
Hi folks! This is my first time at this site, and I'm very excited about having found it!!
Ok...this question is kind of gross, and I didn't see it in the archives, so I have to ask.
I have a big orange house cat. He is about 11 years old, and he is a 16 pound fur ball.
Today he was smelling soooo gross. I looked under his tail, and everything was fine (you know what I mean). I decided that he just needed a bath, but I'm telling you his smell was disgusting!
When I was able to look at his anus, it looked like there were black-headed worms on it. They weren't moving. It could have been old fecal matter, but I don't think so. They very much looked like dead worms. I saw a small black one make it's way back into my cat's rectum, at least that's what I thought I saw.
I also saw that he has two boils, or what looks like boils that broke open. They were whitish, and looked like they were infected. He had one on each side of his anus.
Does anyone know what this is and what to do about it? I should tell you that his appetite has not been normal for several weeks. He will mostly lick the gravy of his food, and stay away from the rest of it.
I hope someone can help me. I don't know if this is a serious situation or not.

June 26th, 2007, 10:34 PM
i can pretty much tell u what everyone else will say: go to a vet. The sores could be abcesses, and although they sound easy to clean, my parents just had a cat die from a nasty one. :sad: :sad: The worms sound creepy, i've never heard of black ones, it could just be dried feces, but your kitty does need vet medicine if they are worms.... good luck, hopefully the big guy checks out fine!!!! :fingerscr :cat:

June 27th, 2007, 01:01 PM
Go to a vet. Take a poo sample with you. And don't be embarrassed... knowing what goes on in that region is just being a good furmommy! (They need healthy behinds too!);)

That said, it sounds like anal glands (which cats do have- I was shocked had no idea!) When it first happened with Palomine, I could not get over the HORRIFIC stench!!:yuck: Has your cat been scooting at all (rubbing his hind end across carpet/floor/bed)? The anal glands are on either side of the anus and sometimes get a black plug (I guess could look worm like) and the secretion that comes out of the glands smells terrible. They can get plugged and infected and may be a quick trip to the vets to have them expressed.

Coupled with disinterest in food though it could be something more serious so definitely take him in as soon as possible.

Hope it's nothing serious!:goodvibes:

Oh and welcome, you'll love it here. Do you have any pics of your kitty?

June 27th, 2007, 01:21 PM
please get him in to the vet, and keep us posted ... feel better kitty!

June 27th, 2007, 04:06 PM
Black-headed worms? I have a bit of a background in insects, and that sounds like fly maggots to me, not an intestinal parasite. If he has open wounds (the boils) or an infected anal gland, flies can be attracted to it, lay their eggs, and voila...nasty maggots. Your poor cat needs to get seen by a vet NOW and get that cleaned up!!! This usually wouldn't happen...most cats will keep themselves clean...I'm guessing your kitty could stand to loose a few would help him groom better.
But good luck!!:fingerscr

June 27th, 2007, 05:03 PM
Usually the first sign of illness or "condition" is that your cat does not eat. Your cat is 11 years old and is a senior and should be on a diet, otherwise will develop diabetes for sure. Like the other members say, will be able to wash if he loses weight. Since we are not vets, it is hard to say what is wrong. You should take your cat to a vet, because maybe he is in pain or needs antibiotics.

June 27th, 2007, 05:47 PM
The maggot suggestion sounds the most likely. Bigredsmom you do realize that what you are smelling is rotting flesh, the caviar of maggots. His appetite is diminished because he's in pain. Please tell us you've seen a vet by now.
Once you have got him healthy, then you can give him a nice bath :eek: It might also be a good idea - if he's amenable :) - to clip the hair on his bum regularly, to eliminate friction in that area.
As for his size, I have a big tabby of 16 lb and yeah, he could lose a few. Not easy to persuade him he's not actually starving when the bowl is empty :) .

June 27th, 2007, 06:22 PM
I also agree with the maggot suggestion. I hope that you have taken him to the vet by now. Good luck and please post with an update. :fingerscr