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How to make this work?

June 26th, 2007, 02:40 PM
As some may or may not know my cousin has moved in for the summer and has arranged for his 2 year old neutered male boxer to move in with him. Here's the thing, his stay has now been extended from the summer to possibly a whole year depending on his finaces. While I have no problem with this I am a bit anxious as to how Duke will feel about this.

Duke is a very people orientated dog and more or less loves his people especially me. He gets along wonderfully with small dogs and large submissive dogs but unfortunatly due to his rather strong dominant nature does not accept other dominant dogs well, male or female. Here's the thing Tyron is your typical bouncy, hyper boxer. Though he and Duke do get along fairly well when supervised the two seem to be locked in a constant battle for top place in the pack and very easily break into fights over toy and food triggers.

A typical meeting between the two will begin like this: Tyron bounds over to Duke wiggling his whole body to say hi ( as Tyron has known Duke since Duke was 4 months old and even then Duke told him off). Duke raises his hackles and stands rigid and allows Tyron to lick his lips. Ty usually drops to the ground or play bows and then begins punching him ( literally, there not called boxers for nothing) Duke growls and lifts his lips and occasionally barks to make Tyron stop. This usually gets Tyron more excited so he continues. From here two things happen: We wither call Ty away to not bother Duke or Duke will join Ty and run around the house chasing each other until they find a toy to play with.

After the inital meeting they do well togther and will lie dowen togther or play there favourite game Tug. When they play tug we always watch as two minor fights have broken out from playing tug. Due to this we always leave extra toys around so noone is left out.

The next major issue arrises from our other pets. Duke, has been socialised around out parrot, two cats and lizards since day one and is very respectful with them and shows no prey intrest in them whatsoever. Tyron however does. We live in the basement of a bungalo as our uncle lives upstairs. We have a large living room, large kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom. The cats will have to be seperate into the half of the house with the bedrooms will the dogs get the living room, kitchen and huge backyard. However summer was one thing to simply leave the cats in that part of the house and still bring them outside but a whole year in a small part of the house seems much worse.

I just feel like our house is to small for two large ( Duke is 60lbs and Tyron is 75lbs) ramboncious, hyper dogs. To make matters worse my cousin has a stupid philiosophy that dogs don't need to be trained because it takes away from there enjoyment of life. While he know the basics somewhat and is housebroken he still shreads everything and is horrible to walk on lesh. Something I told him I am changing immediatly the second he gets in the house.

In addition my cousin works full time, I will be gone for two weeks at the end of July to Newfoundland and will be working full time in August. He has nowhere else to go and 9 months ago kicked a very severe drug addiction and as such we are supporting him while he works, finishes school and gets back on his feet.

While I'm gone I do have a very trusted friend who will be watching Duke, my parrot and my lizards however on a day to day basis for the first few weeks i am going to have to walk Ty and Duke seperate ( Duke gets a min of 1-2 hours a day at least, usually closer to 3, meaning i'm going to have to cut him back to an hour) as my cousin also does not believe walking is important, something else i emphasised will change.

We also have a treadmill I've been training Duke on and plan to introduce Ty over a week or so as it's also a great energy kill I just only use it a few times a week as I don't want it to be to hard on there joints.

I'm off for the summer so Ty and Duke will only be crated when I have to leave, when I start college in the fall, Duke will be kept in my room during the day ( as he sleeps in there with me and doesent touch anything) and Ty will be either kept in the backyard ( 6' solid wood fences, no gaps, very secue fence and has already proven itself dog escape proof during short leaves with Duke or Ty out there) which has access to a special insulated 10 by 5 dog room or inside in Dukes crate in the winter until he can be trusted out during the day.

I guess I'm just doubtful of how we are going to make this situation work for the next year as clearly it must, I can probably get my cousin to walk Ty at least once a day and do the other walk myself but I'm still concerned about everyones overall sanity, including Duke who can be very sensitive about change.

Any suggestions and comments would be greatly appriciated as Tyron comes down this Sunday for good.


June 27th, 2007, 09:58 AM
Hi Colubridz-

Wow, you have painted a very stressful picture! While it is nice for you to help your cousin out, I personally think it will be far too toxic for everyone in your place including the dogs. Are you really up for all this? It sounds like you will be the one carrying on the most of the work. I think these two dogs are going to be a problem unless you can give them ample exercise everyday--I see you are going to try to get them on the treadmill...that would be a start. I think it would be smart to enroll them in a active daycare. I don't think leaving a dog in the back yard is a good idea. I think your trusted friend is going to be telling you before long that he/she can't continue to do it. It is far too much to ask your friend to do. Your cousin is not very thoughtful with respect to his dog-- not housetraining a dog is inexcuseable and extremely lazy. I THINK YOU SHOULD FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND MIND!!!!!!!! This is too much!!! I think you need to focus on maintaining your own pets without adding a untrained dog into the household.
Set limits with your cousin!