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Dog just been spayed

June 23rd, 2007, 04:24 PM
My dog has been spayed about 11 days ago, and up till yesterday has not even touched the covering or tried to scratch. She started biting at the covering, and ripped most of it off. Spoke to the vet who said take the rest off, and now she is licking it all the time, and scratching with her back foot. She has made one part of it quite red and swollen. I will use some of your suggestions of a t shirt or pants, but is there anything I can put on it, as usual it is a weekend so cant phone anyone. I am new to this, so any help would be brill

June 23rd, 2007, 04:56 PM
Was the incision red when she tore the bandage off? Or did it just get red when she licked it? If it was already red, it may have developed an infection before the covering came off. If so, she'll likely need some antibiotics...

However, in a normal recovery, after a week or so incisions are healed enough that they start to itch, and that's usually when the licking begins.

For some dogs, putting Vicks near but not on the incision will deter licking. Some dogs just don't like the taste or smell of Vicks...however, I have to warn you that some dogs, like our Lil Belle, seem to develop a taste for it :frustrated:

A long t-shirt, if you have one, helps, too. I usually take up the slack along the bottom of the shirt with a big diaper pin--but supervise her carefully so she doesn't chew on the pin and unclasp it!

There are also those elizabethan collars that you can get from a vet...not sure if they sell them at pet-supply stores or not, but they do work and if she's a persistent licker, you may have to resort to one come Monday when the vet opens. Most dogs hate having to wear them, but they adapt quickly. Show her how to get it over her water and food bowls, and try to discourage her from boppin' you in the back of the legs with it (ouch on you!), and she'll do fine. :D

Good luck! :fingerscr I'm always a basket-case during surgical recoveries! :rolleyes: But in my defense, 4 of our 6 are big lickers. :o

June 23rd, 2007, 06:28 PM
If she's scratching herself with a back paw, I find that a t-shirt won't help. Daisy used to scratch her stitches,(she had a lot of surgeries) so I putted a doggy boots on her back paw. :shrug:

June 23rd, 2007, 06:40 PM
If you can't get your hands on an elizabethan collar (or cone) try rolling up a towel around a collar - (remember to loosen the collar) so it forms a VERY thick collar. Sometimes the thickness will limit their head mobility enough to keep them from being able to reach their back and lick. Doesn't work for all dogs but I tried it out on my golden Chloe and it seemed to help for a while. You can use masking or duct tape to hold the towel wrapped around the collar.

Friends of mine made a neat contraption like a cone using a large plastic bucket. Basically cut it down the side, cut out the bottom and cut a few holes along the sides of the bottom end though which you can tread a collar. Put the opening of the collar where the opening in the side of the bucket is and then you can use the collar (in normal collar fashion) to hold the bucket on. The opening of the bucket away from the dog, the bottom of the bucket around it's neck (obviously, as that is where the collar is) We've tried it without the cut down the side of the bucket but it's more challenging to get it on the dogs head without it - just depends on your dog. I hope that makes sense... a picture would probably help but i'm without photo capability right now:sad:

Good luck.