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Dog limping after coming back from groomer

June 23rd, 2007, 10:39 AM
My 8yr. old yorkie was perfectly fine yesterday morning. We dropped him off at the groomer's. When we picked him up, he was limping (lifting his left hind leg.) The groomer swears nothing happened at their place - but the fact is - he was fine when he went in and he came out limping. We took him right to the vet - they did what we thought was a pretty thorough exam - and couldn't find any indication of hip or leg bone problems. The vet said it looked like he was starting to get a little infection in his toes - and suggested that may be causing him to favor that leg - but to me - that doesn't make sense - that he came back from the groomer's and suddenly decided he couldn't use that leg - because of an infection starting in his toes. the Vet couldn't come up with any other reason and told us if he was still limping today - to bring him in for X-rays - which seems like our only course of action at this point. Has anyone had an experience like this? I keep thinking he must have fallen off the groomer's table, or somehow twisted his ankle - but apparently not enough to break or dislocate a bone. He's usually so chipper and happy - and now he seems so sad and confused - he can't go up the steps - and he looks at us with such sad eyes. I'd appreciate any thoughts / experiences anyone can share on this. Thanks so much. mikeb802.

June 23rd, 2007, 03:04 PM
I am a groomer. One thing I remember from grooming school is my instructor said it is common for Yorkies to have knee problems so try not to lift their legs too high when working on their feet and legs.
How is your dog for feet and leg handling? Legs have to be moved around a lot in the grooming process. I think he could either be stiff because of his age or maybe it's possible if he doesn't like his feet or legs handled and put up a fight with the groomer he could have pulled a muscle or something.
If he seems in pain or it doesn't go away in a day or so I would get x-rays if the vet thinks it would help identify the problem.

June 23rd, 2007, 06:37 PM
This may sound real stupid and simple but have you checked the nails ? Maybe the groomer cut one too short and cut the vein. Even if it's not bleeding (anymore) it could still hurt (happened to one of mine) :shrug:

June 23rd, 2007, 08:16 PM
When I brought my poodle to the groomer, I always stayed there with him - I know she was good at what she did but call me a nervous nelly. I thought if I had a child, would I leave her alone at the hair dresser's and the answer to that was no - same for dogs.

My friend who breeds Yorkies (tho she is slowly showing more than breeding even tho she only bred one girl once a year - she sees too many Yorkies who need homes and is questioning why she should add to the population (Yay!!!) says that Yorkies and all small dogs can be easily hurt - and I would add that some bruising cannot always be seen on a xrays - like hairlines fractures in a small dog can be very difficult to find even by a skilled radiologist! The same can be true for strains or a pulled muscle. I am not suggesting anything happened but you might want to stay the nest time you go there - if you return. Some org - I forget which now (NOT PETA, lol)- put a security cam in a grooming place and were appalled at the way dogs and cats were treated when their "owners' were not there.

Of course, 99% of groomers are wonderful - but it just takes one incident to make you wonder. The groomer we had was just superb - her husband was our vet at the time - and I would have had no trouble leaving Ryan there there but I am just an overprotective mommy I guess, lol

It could eve be something simple that the groomer did not notice - he may have pulled a muscle or strained something and it could be quite innocent, just one of those things.

I guess I am thinking of the many kids I see in the ER who come in and they have hairline fractures and they are hard to see and you know the child is in pain because they are upset and they hurt but there is little on the radiology reports. Not everything is viable. If you want to spend money, you could have more diagnostic work done but it is prob unnecessary unless your dog continues to exhibits signs of problems with that foot.

Looking to see if someone cut to the quick is also a good idea. I did that once to my YY - never again thank goodness - and she forgave me (wonderful soul that she is!). It never bothered her tho - was just a small nick and I stopped immediately and gave her some 1st aid.

June 23rd, 2007, 10:38 PM
Perhaps your little one did fall off the table. That would be my guess. I was in a pet store one time that also has an area that does grooming and I was watching a Newf being groomed. It fell off the table and the two girls doing the grooming tugged the dog back up on the table again. With little consideration for the dog in my opinion. Neither girl noticed me standing behind them and down to one side of the isle. They sure didn't check the dog after to see if it was fine instead they just continued on like it was a common occurrence:eek: Needless to say, never would I leave my dog at a groomers.

June 24th, 2007, 08:15 AM
It is hard to know. My Eskimo will jump from the Groomer's table - no if, ands or buts. She does not have him hanging from a strap as I have seen at some grooming kiosks at the large pet supply store. Heck, my 10 lb. mini Dachshunds would have jumped as well had they needed grooming. Perhaps something did happen at the groomer's or perhaps your pup does have the beginning of a toe infection. Three weeks ago my Eskimo went to bed (with us) as per usual and in the morning was hesitant to jump back into bed after going out - we figured he had pulled a muscle or was showing first signs of a back problem. Our mini Dachshunds - most prone to back and neck disease - would be walking and playing just fine and then 15 minutes later (and I am not exaggerating) would be paralyzing - fast - and we would be on way to see neurosurgeon. Often with limps the problem is already in progress - you just can't see it. Same with people. Hope your dog is okay.

June 25th, 2007, 02:51 AM
How is your dog doing? :fingerscr