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Baxter's trip to the vet today

June 22nd, 2007, 06:27 PM
Well, he's now 22.8 lbs. He was 12 pounds last visit and 8 lbs when we got him at 8 weeks old, so he's gained 14.8 lbs in 2 months. He was 4 months old Wednesday. :D He got his last shots today and as usual loved the vet, he got to see a different one today, there are 2 at the clinic I go to. He developed the runs this morning, I'm guessing from all the dirt he eats and the pond water he drinks :rolleyes: The vet took a swab and found some bacteria, but he says it's nothing serious, he gave me some pills to get him back on track. He's feeling fine though and eating like a little horse, so no problems there.
We pick up little Bentley a week from today, so this is Baxters last weekend as an only dog :p And our puppy fun continues for quite a while. :laughing:


June 22nd, 2007, 07:01 PM
We pick up little Bentley a week from today, so this is Baxters last weekend as an only dog :p And our puppy fun continues for quite a while. :laughing:


And I must say that I can't wait ! :laughing: omg , 2 puppies at the same time :crazy:

I'm glad the vet's visit went fine.

June 22nd, 2007, 07:10 PM
Oh, yes....double puppies...:cloud9:...I remember that well...:eek: :eek: :eek:

Actually, it was a great deal of fun, if a bit hectic :p Make sure you have the movie camera ready for the wrestling matches and the Great Backyard Zoomie Races! :thumbs up :D

How exciting! :highfive:

June 22nd, 2007, 07:14 PM
I gotta tell you guys, I'm more than a little nervous about having 2 young puppies at once, I've never had 2 dogs at the same time before, let alone 2 puppies. I'm excited and scared at the same time :laughing:
The cats are just starting to tolerate Baxter, only Gabby has really taken to him. I can just see the look on the faces of the other 3 when the new pup comes home now....they won't be impressed. :laughing:


June 22nd, 2007, 07:52 PM
:laughing: Give 'em a few days and the cats' expressions will get even more shocked! :crazy: However, I suspect that Baxter and Bentley will be so busy tumbling and chasing around that they won't have time for the cats! :D

I have DVDs of Puppy Ember and Puppy Cole playing together that are so energetic they about pop themselves right out of the DVD player! :p

The cats won't have to worry until the Pups begin to act as a team and go a'huntin' for mischief... And by then, they'll have all their escape routes down pat! :thumbs up

Oh...and make sure you take the toilet paper out of the toilet paper holder and put it up somewhere. If you don't, I can guarantee you that the Pups will pull all the paper off the roll and either shred it or pull it down the hall! :laughing:

June 22nd, 2007, 09:12 PM
Already have to keep the bathroom door closed because the cats do the same thing. :laughing:


June 22nd, 2007, 09:41 PM
What is it about toilet paper that is just so doggone irresistible?! :shrug: :p

June 23rd, 2007, 01:34 AM
Baxter is getting to be a big boy.glad the vet visit went well.:thumbs up