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Time to Introduce My Brood :)

June 22nd, 2007, 09:01 AM
Well, I've been a tad busy, but think it's time to introduce my family...

The oldest of the strays I've taken in have passed on, it was a while ago, but, they're still in my heart:

Sparky (21 - orange tabby) - found in an alley when he was about 4 months old, I had him his whole life...he passed on almost 4 years ago now

Skitters (16 - brown tabby) - a stray that was living on my property when I moved to Oshawa, almost 15 years ago...he was not in good shape, took me 4 months before he would come inside & he lived with me ever since and passed on last year

Angel (5 - white with large grey patches all over) - brought to me by my children's friends, found in the field, about 3 months old at the time, she's still with me. She's not crazy about all the other cats, lol...they know she's the boss here.

Missy (3 - Tortie, polydactyl) - lived under an abandoned car down the road, had a litter of kittens, I started feeding about 2 yrs ago. She would never come to me, would just sit back as her babies ate, watching me the whole time - I eventually trapped her, after her babies started coming inside & decided it was ok to live here, the babies all had their vet visit before their mom was trapped....I finally got her to the vet & when she was ok to go out, she left and I cried, didn't see her for 2 weeks, then one day, she appeared at my back door, walked in & has been with me ever since

ToeToes (almost 2 - Diluted Tortie, polydactyl) - This is Missy's daughter... has been with me a year and a half now, very affectionate & is dominant but not mean...she knows this is Angel's house & doesn't test her...her mom, missy, is a bit odd, quirky & will groom her & the next minute, bites & swats her but ToeToes will just lay there...ToeToes also grooms both her brothers, as if she were their mother

Mr Snuggles (almost 2 - light, creamy-orange tabby) - This is Missy's son...does not like to be picked up but, loves to be in your lap, loves to get cuddled until ur hand falls off, lol...this is one of the most docile cats I've ever known, he tolerates everything, all the new cats, the toms outside...he just goes about his business

Monster (almost 2 - orange tabby) - This is Missy's other son, we call him Monster because he loves to be held and cuddled to the point that he demands it, he does the death walk, in & out of your legs as you walk, I don't know how many times I've gone flying, not knowing he was there, can hold him in your arms, like a baby and he will sleep there

Baby (almost 2 - brown tabby w/specs of orange, polydactyl) - she is the run of the litter, she looks like a 6 month old kitten, very small and very odd...the others aren't very nice to her, she's a daughter is her new owner and Baby just adores her

Princess (1 year old - black & grey tabby) - found her hanging out around my house about 6 months ago, hungry, crying...took about 2 weeks for her to come inside and she cried for about 2 weeks, I thought she had a litter as her nipples were round & plump but I never did find any babies...she is so precious to me and loves when I play with her like a kitten, she rolls around and chases me and I chase her....her & angel get along somewhat now, they chase each other back and forth - she is the only one angel gets on with

Grumpy Face (not sure of his age - persian like, long hair, brown tabby with solid black on his back & top of his tail) - very affectionate with me, but not to other cats...he does play with one of the toms that comes around but he's quite mean to my other cats, they all run & hide except for Mr Snuggles, he just looks at him as if to say CHILL MAN, IT'S NICE HERE, lol

Dallas (almost 15, Border Collie/Sheppard) - I've had him about 12 years now, he's getting on, not much time the vet says, he's the most wonderful dog in the world, tolerates all the cats, not a mean bone in his body...he's so very fragile now, heart problems, almost totally blind, deaf, he has dementia the vet said, he won't eat his food & has bathroom problems so now, he gets homemade food...each day, I cook him hamburger or steak chopped up and I mix it with his hard food. I use TechniCal All Natural for Seniors, it's full of what he needs and I also give him aspirin now, about once a week and metamucil, hahahaha....about an 1/8th of a tsp sprinkled over his food and he's nice & regular now, lol

Then, last but not toms....we have Tom, Scruffy, Snowballs & Mrs Snowballs....I'm quite sad to say, Snowballs & Mrs Snowballs have been missing for a few months now. Mrs was feral & would never come near me, even if she was across the street and I came out, she would dart away, never wanting any contact with humans, I tried to trap her, I could never get her...she was so very skinny, pure white and her brother, was HUGE, just over 14 pounds and started living with me a month after I took him to the vet but one day, he went out and never came back :( - all of the above, except for Mrs were taken to the vet & fixed

Oh yes, my foster kitty....Tiggy, male, 2 yrs old, indoor cat, fixed, declawed, got him last night...he's a wonderful playful affectionate little guy...was due to be euthanized today, I had the owner bring him to me last night and now, my sister is going to take him...she has no cats, having loster her baby Tank last year to illness (Tank was 22 pounds of pure love, hehehe)

And that's my family......for now anyway, hehehehe

Linda :)

June 22nd, 2007, 09:22 AM
Oy!! I'll never get them all straight! I have trouble enough trying to keep my own be 7 tomorrow...straight! Sounds like you have quite the furr family there! :D And I'll bet it gets mighty lively there at times. :eek:

Dallas sounds like a sweatheart. Does he ever try to round up the kitties? :dog:

So when do we get pictures to match the names to? ;) Dallas will be easy to's the kitties I'll have trouble with. You should post it as a matching game--names on one side, pics on the other--and have a contest to see who can match them up right! :p

June 22nd, 2007, 09:28 AM
That's quite the family you have... bet they keep you on your toes! Got any pictures to share with us? We'd love to see them..

June 22nd, 2007, 09:34 AM
I second and thrid the picturre request.. Can you get them ALL in the same picture?? but one at a time will do :D

June 22nd, 2007, 10:03 AM
That's a lot of furbabies!!!

I third the picture request!!!

June 22nd, 2007, 11:18 AM
Welcome to the forum

June 22nd, 2007, 01:10 PM
I started resizing the pics so I can post them and since I have no idea what I'm doing, it's taking a bit of time, lol....I would love to have them all together and that will be a task and a half itself but something I will try...and I know just the treat to keep them all occupied, lol.

I love the GUESS WHO THIS ONE IS idea, how fun...I think I will have them ready for tomorrow.

Thank you, lilmeg...I'm thrilled to be here...

Linda :)

June 22nd, 2007, 03:31 PM
Really looking forward to pictures! ... But no pressure, MomsWork! No pressure! he he :laughing: Good luck with the resizing--it takes a little practice at first, but it gets easier after that. :D

June 22nd, 2007, 04:14 PM
Oh WOW,what a furry family:cat: :dog:
Hopefully you'll manage ok,can't wait to see pics..
Sorry about your Toms,I wish they would realize what a wonderful life they could have and let themselves be caught and loved:sad:

June 22nd, 2007, 08:20 PM
OMG ! :eek: So how many cats does that make ? :cat: Can't wait to see pics , welcome to !

June 24th, 2007, 02:37 AM
WOW.....that's quite the crew you have there. :eek: Welcome to the forum and looking forward to all of the photos. :D

June 24th, 2007, 03:20 PM
I've uploaded 3, as that's all it will allow me...I have a few more, is there a place where u can upload all ur pics or are they all limited to 3 at a time?


1st pic: Rocky, my little midnight visitor, lol
2nd pic: Tigger...I had him the one day, then my sister took him & yes,
I miss him already, lol
3rd pic: My little old man, Dallas having quiet time with old Grumpy, the one
who attacks all my other cats

Linda :)

June 24th, 2007, 05:07 PM
I love the spooky eyes :laughing:

Dallas must feel terribly outnumbered! Or does he think he's a cat, too? He seems to get along with Grumpy pretty well--Grumpy doesn't even mind that Dallas is touching his bed. :D

Great start on the pics, MomsWork--only...what? 13? 14? to go :eek: :D

I think if you're using attachments, you're limited to 3 a post...but if you put your pics out on a hosting site, you can just imbed the links and put in as many pics as you want. If you're using slow dial up, though, like I am, you might not be able to get back into your photo threads if you post too many pics per post. (With DSL or other high-speed connection you won't have a problem, though.)

June 24th, 2007, 06:47 PM
Hazel...what a fabulous idea, I will have a look around and join one and get my pics all in one little click....I hope I can figure that out now, LOL


p.s. rocky scared the heck out of me the first time I ever saw him...I've seen him 3 times since, last night he was outside as I was and we just locked eyes...he took what he came for and slowly walked away, hehe....

I forgot my other racoon story, this one is to die for....last winter, I left a small basement window open, with a cat door fitted in the opening, for the strays that came by...they would come in, eat, sleep somewhere for the day and then leave. One morning, I went to gather the food dishes to clean and refill and I was looking up through an opening in the drop ceiling and there I was, face to face with Rocky for the first time...the two of us froze...I then slowly climbed down, the two of us not taking our eyes off the other one...and I walked backwards to the door and he tore out of that ceiling and out the cat door...BUT, before he went out, he turned and looked at me, and we both just stood there for a minute, then he just left, hehe

June 24th, 2007, 06:55 PM
ooooo...sounds like you and Rocky definitely have a connection! :thumbs up Frankly, I find the raccoons a bit intimidating. They always look like they've got a master plan and I'm in their way! :laughing: Might just be the bandit mask... :o

June 24th, 2007, 07:19 PM

let me know if this works, i've never done this before.

LOL @ Hazel, hahahaha, master plan....I can't stop laughing, LOL....I just love them but I know how far I can and cannot go with them


June 24th, 2007, 07:25 PM
It worked for me! :thumbs up I can load the thumbnails easily.

Beautiful kitties (et al :D)! :lovestruck: I like the one of Monster and Baby. They're so sweet together!

There's also a way to imbed the photos directly in the post, but I don't know how to do it :o My connection is slow enough so that if I were to do it that way, I wouldn't be able to get back into the thread to check it out. :rolleyes:

June 25th, 2007, 12:51 AM
What a great fur family you have. :lovestruck: Tom looks like one big much does he weigh? :o

June 25th, 2007, 05:26 AM
How cool, I'm so glad the link worked.

Tom is a big boy, I have the feeling someone has taken him in, even though he comes by each morning, his face has really thinned out, in that pic you can see his face is so big, you can hardly see his eyes...I will take a new pic to show you, his eyes now are big and bright and he looks like a kitten, lol.

When I took the 3 toms in to be fixed...Snowballs was just over 14 pounds and both Tom & Scruffy were around 13 pounds each. All of them big boys, all of them allow me to pick them up and cuddle them...I've even picked them up when I see that look in their eyes & their about to go at it (tom just doesn't like scruffy one little bit) and he growls & hisses but just sits in my arms.

Our house is paid for next year and we're thinking of moving but, I can't do it, I can't bring myself to leave these guys...I'd like to move somewhere with a bit of land and if we did, I'd bring the 3 toms with me, but would be afraid they'd look for their old neighbourhood...

Have a great day everyone...

Linda :)

June 25th, 2007, 06:01 AM
MomsWork,OMG they are all sooo sweet,but I especially love the BIG tabby-Tom and the white kitty,hopefully he is ok and will come back:fingerscr
Thank you for having them neutered:thumbs up

June 25th, 2007, 12:21 PM
you're quite welcome, was my pleasure and surely something that needed doing...I swear, if everyone in a neighbourhood got together, took the strays in their block only to the vet, we MIGHT get the cat population under there's a dream, lol.

Yes, tom is quite special to me...the first year he'd have nothing to do with me, would eat and leave, not even looking back when I said BYE to him...I slowly got closer to him, he would growl and he SCARED me, hahaha, he was so intimadating looking and now, if I'm not at My door @ 5:30 - 6 am...I can hear his little paw digging under the screendoor, trying to pull it open, hahahaha...he comes in, doesn't eat right off, he does a search of the house, going to every room then comes out to eat...I think he's looking for one of the other toms.

I can't even think about Snowballs these days, My heart jumps & I get welled up with tears, hoping & praying he's ok...I haven't seen his sister either, the skinny little white female that hung around him...and since both are missing, I'm assuming maybe, hopefully, someone took them in

Linda :)

June 27th, 2007, 11:34 AM
I LOVE your cats. I admire you for everything you do for the cats. I am so envious.

I currently have a stray female that I am trying to get into the house. If you have any suggestions please PM me (tried the humane trap, she won't go in).

Hope Snowballs come home soon.