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starving young cat help

June 16th, 2007, 09:42 PM
I am new here, and new to cats!
I am not a cat person, but was just adopted by a starving young cat. We are now friends of about 1 week. She will be an outdoor cat. I think she was just spayed, so maybe thats a clue to her age. I bought her a flea collar too. She has a nice box to sleep in.
Anyway, I am feeding her regular cat food and she seems to want a lot. I'm guessing I feed her 3 times a day about 3/4 cup of dry food with 31% crude protien. Sometimes I'll give her fish skin or half a can of canned cat food. Since I haven"t seen any Lost Cat signs, I guess she's staying. Besides, she is cute. This needs to be a low maintenance deal...
Anyway, any advice on 1) outdoor living, and 2) diet and amount?

June 16th, 2007, 11:01 PM
If she is spayed and yoyung, she is likely someone's pet!!! And she does not belong outside!!!! Do you have a troom you can keep her - outdoors is a very dangerous place for kitties, esp ones who may be lost as she may be! Very few strays are just recently spayed. Your vet may be able to give youi a good idea but she needs an exam and if she has been spayed, she may well have had her vaccinations as well but it would be best to have her checked and tested. Poor baby!!! Have you posted flyers or placed an ad in the paper in the event it is someone's lost pet?

Thank you so much for taking her in!!! And I do mean in - cats do not live outdoors!

I used to feed my cats Wellness but now I make my own food and they are in between changing and doing quite well,. Since you are new to cats, you may want to get Wellness or Eagle Pack (Eagle something - forget the exact name) or Hills Science Diet - your vet may have iot. The grocery store food is really not the best! Cats like wet food tho some good cat people here may have some good digests for dry food - I have never liked dry food since I have never found one good enough for my cats. But there are people here who could advise you on that. I also give my cats a mostly cooked chicken hearts now ans then and there are some treats you can purchase well.

You have to read the labels carefully to make sure there is not alot of grains in the food - cats are carnivores and require meat and protein and taurine!

She will need a scratching post and a litter box and toys!! Cats need socialization, just like dogs and other pets! They love to play and love attention!

Good luck!!! Please do not leave her outside- I cannot stress that eouigh - she is likely a pet not used to the outdoors and may well in fact be from a nearby home. I don't want to beg but if she is newly spayed, she may well be frightened and needs all the help she can get!! Thanks!!!!!

June 16th, 2007, 11:02 PM
. This needs to be a low maintenance deal...

Not quite sure I understand this, so you want to keep this cat without having to shed any money for it ? If so , I suggest you find her another family. :shrug:

kashtin's kin
June 16th, 2007, 11:34 PM
HWL, please do consider the above posts...and don't let us scare you away!! I'm a 'newer regular', and I've gotten tons of support and encouragement from this BB :goodvibes: . Sometimes people can sound a wee bit on the harsh side, but that's because they are so committed to doing right by cats and dogs...and when there are newer posters that mention 'low maintenance', they just wonder how sincere they are (especially when most regular/longtime BB posters have usually mortgaged their souls to pay for critter care).

Most people are very spay/neuter proactive, and many/most? believe that cats do best kept indoors i.e. MUCH longer lives. I agree strongly with these 2 basic principles myself. However, some people who are new (such as yourself) find themselves with a stray, and not having had a cat before, kinda of wonder what exactly to do :confused: . Very often, with encouragement from the BB, newer cat people do end up having the cat indoors with things working out fine. (Dogastrophe, where are you??)

When I first started out as a cat slave, I was only familiar with outdoor cats, but after doing some reading and chatting, I was convinced of the advantages of the indoor cat. Having an indoor cat-or :cat: 6, in my case!-I find actually less stressful than wondering if an outdoor cat is going to survive; I feed a feral cat or 2 on my small farm (they are VERY wild), and I wish they were domestic indoor cats!

Indoor cats are really not much work, especially compared to a dog, and the cost is not that great. Litter etc. for one cat is a snap, and you can go away for a day or 2 leaving suffient food/water out. In return, cats really are fun roommates; what little work you do for them is usually easily repaid by their loyalty to you :D (sure, cats can have their moods, but I've never found them 'aloof', as they are reputed to non-cat folks!).

Perhaps you aren't ready to be a cat person, but the very fact that you cared enough to post questions on this BB shows that you have potential!
Pleaseplease do not be intimidated by would be great if you could at least post again and let us know what happens. There are a lot of supernice and helpful people around, honest (including the ones above!).

Good luck with your situation...and stay in touch :thumbs up .

June 16th, 2007, 11:49 PM
Thanks kashtin's kin for ... being more helpfull than me :p You are absolutly right.

When you take an animal in , you do have to be ready to take him/her to the vet for check ups , any health concern , provide good food , it , sometimes , be quite expensive. If you don't have the money for it, forget about owning a pet , it just wouldn't be fair. I have made a lot of sacrifices for mine , still do , would do it all over again, don't regret it one bit. And that's how it should work.

kashtin's kin
June 17th, 2007, 12:09 AM
Hey Frenchy, I totally agree with your above post, too! And don't worry about not being 100% 'kisskisssupportive' every single post. You're a SUPER REGULAR, and contribute a ton to the board. As a relative newbie, I haven't seen a fraction of the posts you have, where responding to the same sorts of issues time and again can wear on the most angelic of personalities :angel: . I always enjoy your posts...and the self-awareness you showed above is a true example of a good heart and real graciousness/class :thumbs up . Keep the faith, eh?! :D

June 17th, 2007, 12:18 AM
awww , that's so nice of you ! :grouphug: Thanks !

But you're giving me a bad rep , I'm really :evil:


June 18th, 2007, 10:05 AM
How good of you to take her in. All mine are someone else's reject too, but along the way I have rehomed a few and on one very lucky occasion actually managed to find the real owner. If you think she has recently been spayed I assume you see an incision scar and a shaved tummy? As others have pointed out there is a certain expense involved in keeping pets and whoever had her spayed demonstrates they are certainly willing to do their best for her. I bet they miss her and would like to have her home again. One thing I have done is take a digital photo of strays and email to all the Vets in my area to see if they recognize the animal. A recent spay should ring a bell with one of them. Can you try that? If you do end up keeping her I would make sure she really is spayed.

June 18th, 2007, 11:20 AM
I'm a recent "once again" cat mommy. I'm concerned that the kitty you found is outdoors. I had two cats when I was in high school that started out as indoor cats, but due to health issues my mother was going through, they were put outside. They both died within 3 to 6 months of being outdoors, as they were attached by a dog living next door.

My current little muffins are and will continue to be indoor kitties for the rest of their lives. They really aren't as much trouble as some people who don't own cats might make you think.

I have a litter maid which works very well. It keeps their box free of their waste, and I've found that Fresh Step multi-cat clumping litter works best. They seem to like it best, and it keeps the litter box smelling freshest. I also have a small Febreeze fan that keeps any bad smells from getting past the bathroom. I've also always been a fan of candles, which is good because I always have my place smelling nice. People who come over always tell me it doesn't smell like I have cats, so I recommend getting a litter maid.

I also feed them Hills Science Diet for Kittens. They like both the dry and wet. I usually have dry for them, since I'm working all day and the dry keeps best during the day. At times in the evening, I'll give them a small can of the wet mixed in with their dry food. I also now and them give them some rice and broccoli, which they seem to like.

I noticed you said something about low maintenance. Honestly, cats themselves aren't like dogs. If you have two they entertain themselves while you are gone. They are very clean animals, and they do show their affection in the most wonderful ways.

Please reconsider, and take your kitty inside. You might try to find if she's got an owner though. But if she doesn't, know this. I'm severely allergic to cats, but I take two medications a month just to have mine. I love them dearly. I know once you have yours indoors and get to know her you'll just fall in love with her.

June 18th, 2007, 01:42 PM

Very kind of you to help care for this kitty who is in need of you right now. I have had cats all my life and agree with the above posts. Cats are much better off inside. Like humans, they don't enjoy being cold and wet and a lot are not great hunters unless they have been trained as kittens by their mother. If you can pat this cat, then it is not feral and needs an indoor home.

If you can take a picture of this cat and send it to vet offices and the local SPCA/Humane Society letting them know you found her. If somebody has taken the time and expense of getting her spayed, then somebody is missing her right now. A vet may recognize the picture and direct you to her owners.

If you can't find the owners and decide to keep it, please keep it inside and only allowed outside while supervised and harnessed. Most cats are very low maintenace, but do need adequate scratching posts, clean litter box with dust free litter, and some basic toys. I think you will find you will become a cat lover very quickly:D .

GOOD LUCK and hope all works out.:fingerscr

June 18th, 2007, 01:45 PM
Do you have any pictures you can post?