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hello everyone

June 13th, 2007, 06:44 PM
i am a first time user on here and i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice,my kitten is 9 months old i got him out side when he was 8 weeks old for about 4-5 months now i have been having this problem with my little guy. It is his paw first this problem started with his back paws they were red,swollen,crusty,they felt wet and they had a sulfer(rotten egg)smell comming from them,i took him to the vet and he was giving me multipul medication's for him and none of them worked the back paws eventually cleared up than same thing happened to the front paws and back to the vet i went same procedure medications it has been about 3 months now and it still happens but only on the right front paw i took him back to the vet and they did a fungal culture test on him to check for ring worm the resalts were negative we also did the (fiv),(fip),and the (felv) tests on my little guy and all these tests came back negative the vet gave my kitty a shot called depo medrol and some pills called baytril they seemed to clear up what was going on with his paw for about a month or so and it came back again so i took him back to the vet the vet gave him the shot and pills again and it went away and now its back again i have been trying some herbal stuff to boost his immune system and some stuff you rub on the paw for licking wounds and hot spots its now working either im taking my little guy back to the vet on friday to get the shot and pills again the vet thinks we should do a biopsy on my kitten i'm kinda nervious because he has to be put under again when i say again i mean i got him nutered and i really don't want to put him under again does anybody know what it might be or have some advice for me please i need help also what do you guys think about a dermatolagest? > i prob didn't spell it right.:pray:

June 13th, 2007, 09:54 PM
Welcome Caden. Wow, your poor kitty. I can't help you with the problems she is experiencing but I do wish for her to get better soon. Have you had just one vet follow her or are there more than one? This has been going on for how long since it started? Was the vet able to diagnose anything at all. I'd be a little concerned having one of my pets being treated for something that hasn't been diagnosed. If the problems persist and your vet isn't able to help, perhaps it's time to seek another's opinion. It sounds like you're spending a lot of money and time at the vet's. I would think they should have figured it out by now :shrug: . Regardless, I hope a solution is found and that she'll be all better soon.

June 14th, 2007, 09:53 AM
Hi, caden. Sorry about your kitty's problems. I've only got dog experience, so I can't offer you anything about your cat, except to suggest that maybe you start a new thread in the health forum if you haven't already. It would probably get you more useful responses.

I hope all turns out well for you and your kitten :fingerscr

Welcome to the board!

June 14th, 2007, 12:48 PM
I don't know if it could be an allergy, but what kind of food are you feeding?

Going to a veterinary dermatologist might be a good idea if your regular vet can't figure it out. It might be a little pricey though.

Poor kitty, I hope you find something that helps him. :fingerscr

June 14th, 2007, 03:01 PM
i am feeding my kitten raw instincts it is dry food i got it form the natural pet market when the problem started i was feeding him pedigree kitten food and i was using sented fresh step kitty litter with the arm and hammer powder stuff i quit using both and have been using tidy cat unsented i switched from pedigree to science diet because thats what the vet told me to do and the problem was still there so i went to the natural pet market and bought him ivo cat food and now i am feeding him the raw instincts food whick is a dry food

June 14th, 2007, 05:58 PM
He could have a problem with a specific ingredient, like chicken or fish or something. It's good that you have him on grain-free food, the raw instinct is much better quality than pedigree and science diet. He might have a problem with pollen or dust or something that he is walking through, since the problem seems to be on his feet. I know you can get allergy tests done like with people, but they are not as accurate. Might be worth a try though. The dermatologist might be your best bet at this point. I've never seen anything like what your cat has, and I work with about 200 cats a year. So I'm very curious as to what this might be. Poor little kitty! :sad:

June 14th, 2007, 07:43 PM
thank you for your advice maybe i will try a dermotoligest like you suggested and have him tested for allergys thank you again and if and when i find out what it is i will be sure to let you know