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4 month old kitten peeing on sofa?

June 10th, 2007, 11:38 AM
Hi there,

We have two 4 months old kittens. Last week, hubby found his laundry peed on, Saturday afternoon our sofa cushion was peed on and today the arm of the sofa was peed on...

Now I know it COULD be a UTI but I really think one of them (Stewie) is acting out because we were doing yard work all weekend and he tries to get out to us.

Do you think it was his way of telling us to pay attention to him, or him telling us he's mad that he can't go outside? (indoor cats)

I've cleaned up the spotted with the spray stuff and it smells way better now.

Any input or advice?

June 10th, 2007, 12:04 PM
Are they neutered yet?
For the moment, you may have to restrict their access to certain rooms when you are outside (together please). You don't want the habit of 'marking' - because unless it is a UTI, that's what it is - to become entrenched. Are there any strays roaming around outside? This could up the anxiety factor.
Have you thought of taking them out on leashes for short periods? Some cats do very well on leashes. The outdoors is hugely stimulating, and young cats crave stimulation.
I'd have the culprit checked by a vet (if you're sure of his identity), just to make sure you're not dealing with something physical, and easily correctible.

June 10th, 2007, 12:18 PM
They are both due in June 21 for spaying and neutering, they will be 5 months old exactly.

I wasnt sure if it was marking as it looks as though it would have been a squatted pee.

We thought of the marking but it doesnt stink like that, just normal pee smell.

If it is marking, how do we curb this now?? I thought about setting up a video camera while we arent home to see which one it is...

June 10th, 2007, 12:20 PM
We thought about the leash in the backyard but I don't want them bring in fleas and stuff. There are a lot of cats on our street. Our patio doors are ground level. One cat sprayed the glass door at the kittens...but that was the only time it was a negative, most of the cats are just interested in playing with them.

We just thought it would have been them being mad at us for not playing with them...

June 10th, 2007, 01:30 PM
Your cats are male and female, or two males?
The only time I'm sure a cat is mad at me is if it bites; for the rest it's really hard to tell how spiteful an animal can be and over how long a period. I'm sure it happens.
If you can identify the culprit, then I would definitely look at the possibility of a UTI.
Neutering will really help your situation. The males lose some of that adolescent madness and react less aggressively to other cats. The female won't be driven into a frenzy every few months.
In many cases, any marking behaviour ceases literally in a matter of days so let's hope for that :)

June 10th, 2007, 04:36 PM
ok, if the male is marking, would it be a strong smell yet or more of a sweet smell?

My female has been very vocal the last week or two and will rub her head on us like crazy. Had a thought maybe she's having a small heat cycle...

I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and see if I can up their surgery to this week to hopefully rule out the UTI...

June 10th, 2007, 04:37 PM
How many litter boxes do you have and what type of litter are you using? It could be something as simple as needing to add another box (some cats don't like to "share", and some don't like to pee in the box that they poop in - if you have the space it is recommended to have one box per cat, plus one extra). Anytime there's an inappropriate elimination issue, I think this link has some of the best advice: THE LITTER BOX FROM YOUR CATíS POINT OF VIEW (

If nothing else works, hopefully neutering will! I really don't think cats are as spiteful as people tend to think so I'm sure there's a simpler explanation. It just might take some experimenting to figure it out. Good luck!

June 10th, 2007, 04:46 PM
ok, just read something which makes complete sense...this is all happening vet they go tomorrow!!!

How to tell if your cat is in heat
It is fairly easy to tell when your female cat is in estrus, because all cats in heat display similar symptoms.

The first sign is that the cat will become overly affectionate and rub her rear and even head or neck against all objects, other cats and her owners.

The easiest and most obvious way to tell when your cat is in heat, is the call. Your cat will produce a very different, loud long howl. This is to let other male cats in the area know that she is in estrus and her calling will continue until she mates.

A cat in heat will also bend her body in a mating position, with her rear raised, tail in the air and tread around in the same place.

She also lifts her tail and sprays urine on objects. This is usually done on vertical objects like walls, doors and furniture rather than on the floor or carpet. This urine usually has a more serious odor than the odor left when urinating normally. Cat urine produced when in heat contains more estrogen, and this extreme cat urine smell lets male cats know your cat is in heat.

If your female cat shows most of these above symptoms, the chances are almost 100% that she is in heat!

Male cats that notice a female cat in heat will also change their behavior. They will become more restless and also spray their urine on objects. They may also start calling and howling, becoming more aggressive and territorial.

June 10th, 2007, 05:06 PM
Yes, kittens can go into heat as early as five months. I would keep them apart until you can get an appointment with the vet. Good luck. :fingerscr :goodvibes:

June 10th, 2007, 05:27 PM
Usually when cats , including young kittens, urinate inappropriately, they rae trying to tell you something - not deliberately of course but it is one way they can react to some problems. Neutering should definitely help. I assume you have already had them to the vet for their first needles and a get to know the vet visit - or more for a physical and so the vet knows what is normal for them. (It is almost like setting a baseline though not really, lol)

The 2nd worry is a UTI and kittens and cats are stressed very easily (There are some recent studies about this that are excellent - re cats and stress). Cats never want to get back at you - they do not think like humans. They think like cats! However, as badger says, they will bite on occasion not so much to express their anger as an offensive ploy if you have done something to them they do not like. (That's why some cats will bite the vet or even people like Badger who rescue kitties - she likely gets bit on occasion if she had to bath a cat or give her a pill for example. A colleague of mine was once bitten by a cat when the kitty thought the doctor smelled like the vet - at least that is our theory. She also may not have liked the aforementioned physician's dogs, lol )

Anyway - there are a plethora of other causes of urinating in places other than the litter box. The rule of thumb if one litter box per cat plus one so I am assuming you have three boxes all located in convenient out of the way places for the kitties. (I have 4 cats and 6 boxes actually. They do share tho 2 of the cats have to have their own boxes!) Also, sometimes, this is a way they are expressing they do not like the litter. Since they are kittens, I am sure you are not going to God forbid declaw them - since that also results very often in inappropriate urination and biting since the cat becomes fearful and aggressive with no claws to use as its natural defenses.

Also, cats will refuse to go if they think the box is not clean enough so litter bioxes need to be cleaned very often. Covered ones are really unhealthy since the cat ends up breathing in some of the fumes from various types of clay litter tho it may be OK with something like yesterday's News. There are quite a few studies on this now as well - and I for one hope these covered things come off the market!! I know my vet had joined a group in petitioning for it - she has seen a few respiratory cases that if not caused by this (that's akin to saying one catches a cold by going outside in freezing temps when a cold is caused by a virus), then it certainly does not help a sick cat to breathe in that small closed space!

And, if there are strays or cats who are allowed to roam, your kittens may smell and hear them and are acting appropriately - marking their territory and communicating with them.

If it a something else that stressed them, you may have to figure that out by other means. But since they are kittens, it could eaily be that they'll be fine once neutered!

I would make sure it is not a UTI , have them neutered and then work on the behavioral issues. If you do catch your cat urinating in an inappropriate spot quickly move the cat & gently place him in the litter tray. Never use physical punishment on your cat, this will make your cat afraid of you and may well make the behaviour worse as it will stress the cat further.

Confining your cat to a small room can often help matters. Once your cat is using the litter box, gradually increase the area. Cats respond to positive reinforcement, NEVER to negative!

Good luck!

June 10th, 2007, 06:15 PM
We only have one box as they have always shared it's been no problem. I think it's time to get another though as they are becoming more independent of each other.

I truly believe she is/was in heat...not sure who was the pee'r though. Either way, I'm calling my vet tomorrow morning and getting them in there this week! I can't wait 2 weeks knowing something is up.

Will the vet be able to tell if she's still in heat...