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New person saying hello

June 10th, 2007, 04:41 AM
Hi i just joined the forum about 4 minutes ago :D
just saying hello, i found this place trying to find an answer about my new puppy. Her name is Rosie, and she's an 11 week old beagle. Everything's going good so far besides the usual puppy housebreaking stuff but it's not so bad. my only concern regards my older dog roxy, she's a 3 1/2 year old chow mix. In the week that Rosie's been here the 2 dogs have gotten along alright. Roxy didn't get aggressive at seeing a new addition in our home. But, when roxy is chewing on a toy or snacking on something, she'll show her teeth and snap at the puppy if she gets too close. I'm assuming this is natural but i'm afraid Rosie might end up in a world of hurt one of these days. Is there anything i can do? or is this Roxy's natural way of showing who's the boss/elder? Or is that type of behavior an indication that these 2 will never be able to be around each other? this kind of thing was never an issue i thought about since roxy's always been a nice dog....but then again she's been our only dog for years. If anyone has some advice i'd appreciate it...oh and here a couple of pictures(hopefully i did this right).:fingerscr

June 10th, 2007, 10:14 AM
Nice looking family you have there. Welcome to the forum. I can't answer your question but there are many people on this site that do have more than one dog and can give you some advise on how to introduce a new puppy to the family.

June 10th, 2007, 10:51 AM
Dear newguy,

Thanks so much for joining our forum. You'll find in general that we are a friendly devoted bunch of pet lovers trying to help other pet lovers. Our forum does have a certain 'pulse' so please take a look here to check out the rules and guidelines. (

Thanks for joining, please post some pictures of your pets if you can, and feel free to ask the members, moderators or admins for help if you need it.

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June 10th, 2007, 11:37 AM
Welcome aboard newguy ~ Roxie and Rosie are downright gorgeous.

Some dogs are very possessive and aggressive about their toys, balls and food. But let me stress that it's only been a week. As long as Rosie is getting the message that Roxie is "the boss" you shouldn't have too many tiffs. Roxie may relax over time when she understands that Rosie "gets it". Just make sure Rosie has toys to play with at the same time. I probably would not leave all the toys out at once as that may encourage Roxie to start hoarding. If a tiff does result, as hard as it may be, you will need to pull Rosie out of the situation, NOT Roxie. To do otherwise undermines her position. And it goes without saying that you need to pay Roxie alot of attention to assure her she is still "your main squeeze".

June 10th, 2007, 01:21 PM
Welcome newguy!

Good advice mummummum! I was thinking the exact same thing!

Such cute pictures! :highfive:



June 10th, 2007, 01:45 PM
Welcome to the board.what beauties you have there.:cloud9:

June 10th, 2007, 01:51 PM
Welcome to That being said ,OMG a Beagle puppy !!! :cloud9: :lovestruck: Just too cute !

mummummum is right on, and I may add, looking at your last picture, toy between them and they seem ok to me, this will not take long. The puppy has to understand that Roxy was there first, and that's what Roxy is "explaining" to Rosie. Try to supervise them when there toys around, take the toys away when you're not there.

I expect lots and lots more pics of the 2 of them :pray:

June 10th, 2007, 02:09 PM
thanks for the advice mummummum(i had to copy/paste that one lol)...I agree, the hardest part about these squabbles is trying to not come off as favoring one
over the other, since that'll just make things worse. Ive been trying to give them both a treat at the same time, and i watch to see if they kinda go off to their own spot to show that they're both loved. So far so good, and if i get any new pictures i'll put em up. oh and isn't it funny how you buy a bunch of toys for your puppy to chew on and he/she ends up with your slipper or some tree bark from outside? ;)

June 10th, 2007, 02:56 PM
Welcome to the forum, your pup is adorable and Roxie is a beauty :lovestruck: .

I agree, the hardest part about these squabbles is trying to not come off as favoring one over the other, since that'll just make things worse.

Actually I think you might have misunderstood. It is very important to respect Roxie's position as doggie leader. This means that you should feed her first, greet her first etc. This teaches the pup that Roxie is head of the pack (after you of course) and also confirms to them both that you understand the pack order. Otherwise Roxie may feel the need to dominate the pup to establish her leadership.

Good luck.

June 10th, 2007, 05:51 PM
Well, you've already got lots of good advice so I'll just say welcome to the forum and Roxy and Rosie are both very cute. :lovestruck: And, you shouldn't have too much problem as they're sharing the monkey in the last pic. :)

June 10th, 2007, 06:04 PM
What a little honey! You sure have beautiful girls there. When we first introduced our bullmastiff as a puppy to our adult Dane, there were situations just like this. I wouldn't worry, and it seems from the pics that they are already getting along well in such a short time. Just make sure as the other posters said, if they aren't supervised by you it's probably a good idea to put the toys or chewies away. My two are the best of pals now, and are inseparable, as yours will surely be too. Sounds like Roxie is teaching Rosie who the boss is, and it's a good lesson for the youngster as long as it doesn't escalate. I want a beagle baby too! :lovestruck:

June 11th, 2007, 10:36 PM
just wanted to say thanks again for the advice...i've never had 2 dogs before :D

June 12th, 2007, 08:58 AM
Gorgeous girls you have there, newguy! :lovestruck:

Welcome to the board.

Sounds like Roxy and Rosie are just workin' things out normally. Sometimes things look and sound a lot rougher than they are until you get used to the shenanigans that two dogs can entertain themselves with. :D As you supervise their interactions, you'll get a feel for how they're relating to each other and what the limits between them might be.

But everything you describe seems like a pretty normal interaction. Rosie is pushing the envelope and Roxy is educating her as to house rules. :thumbs up

Wait'll Roxy starts the puppy-rolling game in the backyard! he he I love that game! Especially when the older dog lets puppy roll her on her back! he he Having two (or more :o) young dogs is a blast! :thumbs up