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Ride for Heart

June 4th, 2007, 10:43 PM
Did anyone do the Ride for Heart in Toronto? If you live in the area, and you bike (even a little), you need to try it. It's very cool, riding down the Don Valley Parkway--
I try to avoid the Toronto Star, but these were the only media group pictures I could find.

And this is a google image search--

It's very cool. This year I didn't have my speedo, but last time I did it, I got up to almost 70 km/h on my mountain bike. This year I changed my tires to a good road slick, so I probably managed a few other kms/h.

For those of you who don't know, the Don Valley is the major north/south artery into downtown Toronto. It's MOSTLY downhill going south, so you do manage to go faster for the second half, though most don't realize that there are a few uphills (it's amazing how much more observant you are when you have to pedal).

I remember being a little kid and seeing a cyclist riding down the highway when it was freshly paved but still closed, thinking that would be very cool, and it was, especially when there are literally thousands of others riding.

The only thing that I really wish was that Gracie could have came with me, but I had to leave my house too early to get there on time. There were a lot of kids in trailers, and even a few on bikes. One little guy, who's four, did the 50 k! Good for him! Oh, and the other thing I was disappointed in? The lunch. When they handed it to me, the only thing I wanted to say was, "I'm a 220 lb man who just finished a 50 k ride, and you think a 1/4 of a half of begal and cookie is enough?? C'mon!" But all that came out was "*wheeze pant*I...I...*gasp*"

June 4th, 2007, 10:53 PM
Good for you Schwinn, I saw all of you riders from my back porch the other day, an excellent cause.