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Canada - ON - Bill 232, proposed anti-cruelty amendments

June 3rd, 2007, 10:52 AM
Click here: chico bandido: Ontario residents: Support Bill 232

This blog author raises good points about the vague wording of this Bill. Failure to define "adequate" really concerns me. Is there "adequate" space for exercise if you have two cats in a bachelor apartment? If you have a diabetic cat and even though you're giving it insulin or other medication, will someone decide the cat is "suffering"? Are you breaking the law if you crate your dog while you're out because the crate doesn't have "adequate" space for exercise? What's "adequate" care, might someone decide that you're not providing adequate care if you don't brush your dog's teeth? What about ethical large-dog breeders who kennel their dogs? How much space is "adequate" if you're a horse owner?

I am very concerned that this Bill has been written as "feel-good" legislation without real thought as to its impact. It has tremendous potential for abuse, and sounds like it could be the thin edge of the wedge to end pet ownership in Ontario.

Please read the Bill carefully, with an eye to how its vagueness could affect you and your animals, and politely let the Bill's author MPP Robert Runciman and your MPP know your thoughts.