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Pls. comment - Podcast#18 - Collars - leashes - pulling - Interview with tenderfoot

June 2nd, 2007, 09:08 AM
Dear members,

Pet podcast #18 Features an interview with our resident training expert Elizabeth of Tenderfoot Training.

As usual Elizabeth gives us GREAT INFORMATION on collars, leashes and why dogs pull when you walk them...and of course how to solve the problem.

The podcast can be downloaded or listened to almost immediately by clicking the triangle in the embedded player straight from the blog.

As always comments are appreciated!

Thanks so much!


Here's a description of what a podcast is:
What is a Podcast?
A podcast is simply an audio file that you can play on your computer or on an MP3 player such as an Ipod. You can think of a podcast as a recorded radio program that you download and then play whenever you want. Podcasts from will of course feature pet tips and other useful pet information. They will be approximately 5-20 minutes in length. Please note that using our new embedded player in the blog, our podcasts can be listened to almost immediately. It works in most, but not all browsers though, in which case they need to be downloaded in their entirety (so it takes a couple of minutes) onto your computer or MP3 player before they can be listened to.

June 11th, 2007, 09:17 AM
Quite a few people have listened to this podcast but no one has commented here yet. :shrug:

Elizabeth gives AMAZING information on Pulling in this podcast......

Thanks all


June 11th, 2007, 11:15 AM
I haven't had a chance to listen yet. Maybe tonight I will. I am very interested to hear what she has to say though:thumbs up

June 11th, 2007, 11:23 AM
i loved the podcast, just listened to it and tried it outside with the boys. after a few mins aiden started to get it!
i thinks its a good method, ive tried harnesses and choke collars with out any consistant results. chris and i have decided we're going to keep trying this method we'll keep you posted on the results of our efforts!

June 13th, 2007, 09:10 AM
Thanks for that comment ~michelle~!

I just love Elizabeth and Doug's methods.
They make perfect sense to me and have been using many of their techniques with the dogs that I walk at the SPCA each week.

Has anyone else listened yet?



June 13th, 2007, 09:40 AM
I too have listen to the podcast and have tried this in the past and present (with very little luck) I do not have the strenth to stand like a tree when she does pull with just a collar.I have no control So I still use the halti with a loose leash and she walks great no pulling, stops on a dime and does not usally go after other dogs, squirrels (just people). she is allowed to pee or pooh when I give her permission when we are walking.. When I use Elizabeths methods I am pulled left right and center, maybe I am not doing it right I don't know, but I am not allowed to have my dog off leash where we live. so IMO if I have more control when she is on the halti I will have to contue to use it.

June 13th, 2007, 11:22 AM
so IMO if I have more control when she is on the halti I will have to contue to use it.

I agree Breeze. The techniques sound great, but for me, I will continue with the Halti:shrug: Hunter knows when he can have control and even though he is mostly good, the chance is still there that he may pull. Because he is 90-95 pounds and I am 95-100 pounds, I don't want to take the chance in him pulling me, and I can't stop him from pulling, he knows he is stronger than I am.

When my man has him on leash with a collar, he don't pull too bad. When the leash is transferred to my hand, as soon as Hunter realizes, he will pull, for no other reason than because he can.

But with the Halti on, he is the perfect gentleman. I can even let the leash go, and he listens.

The suggestions are all great though, for my next dog, I will start out with them. Atleast with a young dog I can still be stronger:o

June 13th, 2007, 11:55 AM
I tired that when Bree was small but it just was not working I spent 2 weeks with just a colar and a leash but pull pull pull and that was at 11lbs . so I changed to a halti and instand good dog. for my husband too !! she knows when she gets to go run with hubby and rollerblads she wears a coonhound chocker but she stays right beside my husband, but with walking it must be with the halti

June 13th, 2007, 12:03 PM
I just listened to the podcast and, while I haven't yet tried the "no pull" exercise - I will! One comment made that really hit home with me was "we step around our dogs" - and I am very guilty of that so from now on, when one of them is in my way, I will ask them to move instead of me stepping over them.

When leash walking, I've been saying "easy" to Amber when she gets near the end of her leash, then if she keeps going, I wiggle the leash - if that doesn't work, I'll give a short tug. She has improved greatly but she still doesn't respect the leash and I know, from the podcast, that I've been guilty of letting her pull. I'll give an update after a few sessions using this method.

Thanks for the tips!

June 16th, 2007, 11:22 AM
Glad you listened and learned a tip or two - please DO give us an update.