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Anyone heard of

June 2nd, 2007, 08:29 AM
My BooBoo went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 16. Everyone from the vet to the crematorium to the place where I got his urn were so fantastic. I guess I was naive to think everyone would be. My family wanted to buy a tree as a memorial for him, but I wanted to do something different. I thought about a sculpture at first, but then decided on a headstone for the yard.

I finally decided on and ordered my memorial. The director of the place took my ideas and sent a jpeg picture of what I wanted. When it got just right, I placed my order. The website said that it would arrive at my door within 3-5 weeks by FedEx Ground.

I have just a few more days before that 5 weeks is up. I have emailed him 4 times, called two times, and only got one response - way back on May 4 that said he had received my other email and would proceed with the one I wanted.

Gosh, I hope he follows through with this. This would hurt so bad to be taken advantage of now.

Has anyone ever heard of this place or their reputation? If this doesn't show up, I'm going to have to recoup my money through PayPal, which is not something I'm looking forward to.

Thanks for any info.

June 2nd, 2007, 05:25 PM
Just when I had given up hope of hearing something, I get an email from BooBoo's memorial has been shipped! It seems that he had trouble with his internet (that never happens!) and was backlogged with emails. Maybe it helped to post here. He probably knew that all the members would inundate him with emails wondering where the memorial was!

June 3rd, 2007, 08:00 AM
Thanks for the note, Dogastrophe. They did send a tracking number, but it's from a place in Canada called He said I should have the memorial in 3-4 days. I probably went overboard with all this, but it's been a long and frustrating 5 weeks. I miss him so much :love: , and this feels like the last remaining thing I need to do before I can be at peace with all this.

June 3rd, 2007, 08:14 AM
Purolator is a Canadian courier company (similar to Fedex and UPS). The longer delays will often occur during transfer from the main courier to the partner courier (Purolator will take the package to the border where they will transfer it to a US partner, which could be UPS or another large shipper).

If you go to you'll be able to track the shipment.

June 3rd, 2007, 12:53 PM
Thanks for the info!

June 3rd, 2007, 12:57 PM
What a wonderful memorial for your BooBoo. :grouphug: I'm glad you finally got some response from the company!

Please post a pic for us when you have it all in place? I'd love to see it.

June 3rd, 2007, 07:04 PM
Please do post a pic ~ what a wonderful remembrance to have.