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Lost Dog

May 30th, 2007, 04:27 PM
My name is Baxter and I belong to a family in Fargo
we just moved to the area dec 23rd 06 and
he snuck out of house dec 26th 06 around 7:00 p.m.
I go by: baxter, baxter george, puppy-puppy
has a lime green choker coller on-if still on.
He was born 10/27/04 we raised him as a puppy
he is black and white, with brown and black in face, black spot on side
He is small and the thinner breed of terriers. He loves to cuddle, jumps
very high and keeps close eye on owner, and is a barker with kind of high
pitched bark, ears and tail are cropped. He is a purebreed, he loves to
play and is good with kids but shy around other people until he knows
them. We miss him greatly our life hasnt been the same, without him.
I posted an ad in the forum when he
first snuck out and posted it on kfgo pet patrol, called the shelters as
well, and we've not seen him any where!
i've recently called all the vets in fargo, mhd, and surrounding
towns and he has not been brought in for a vet check up
even since he went lost as of dec 26th
ive posted ads online as well for lost dog and recently put him again,
on kfgo daughter and i miss him and we want
Baxter back home we have missed him greatly!
its important to get him home as we are moving out of state
if you have seen him or have him, please email or call: or call Jenny 701-799-5041
his webpage: