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Help with puppy supplies/toys?

May 27th, 2007, 04:57 PM
So I'm off to Egypt in about 2 months and my brother has requested I get him stuff for his new puppy Roxy. Actually he has begged for a pooper scooper :laughing: . Seeing as our collective experience with dogs involves only playing with other people's dogs were kinda clueless. He also wants me to get her some toys ( which I was going to get her anyway) but again clueless. I know with my cats a lot of things I get them to play with they stare at like I'm insane and walk away. I reallllllly don't want to buy a bunch of toys/ a poop scoop and lug them half way across the world just so that Roxy can ignore them ( or the scoop falls apart or something).

I was thinking of a Cuz since those seem so popular but the squeek is so loud! :| The puppy lives in a resort so really loud toys arent an option. I also thought of a kong but there are so many types, shapes, sizes, brands....what's best?? I'm also kind of confused with all these chew toys since there are so many sizes and I really am not sure how big she is. She needs toys to keep her busy and stimulated during the day when my brother is working and a good poop scooper ( cuz my bro is only barely handling the baggie situation).

Any suggestions or any puppy basics we may not have thought of most welcome :) Thanks!

May 27th, 2007, 05:24 PM
A ball the puppy can chase. All of my dogs have loved balls - and you can get ones especially for dogs. Get a sturdy one. They do have some that just do not last, esp with a rambunctious puppy. My poodle for some reason rather thought the drying towel was another kind of ball, lol (and since I had a dishwasher and did not need too many of those, I am afraid I did indulge him.)

Chew toys are good too as are stuffed toys you can get at a Pet Store. My lab "nephew" has a plush toy he sleeps with - he is one big baby and he is like 8 yrs old.

May 27th, 2007, 05:34 PM
You could try a Kong,they are pretty good.

May 27th, 2007, 05:53 PM
can you bring your dog to a petstore and see what he likes there

May 28th, 2007, 02:40 AM
What kind of puppy does your brother have?

The type of dog would be most helpful in determining which toys would be best as the most ambitious chewers need toys that can stand up to the tough stuff while other dogs can play with more types of toys without needing a new one each outing.

I think that any shape of kong is good... The non edible Nylabones can outlast even the most ambitious of chewers... A doggie Frisbee would be good if he human is game for it... also different types of rope toys.

Stay away from anything stuffed or hollow for large breed puppies as they will most likely tear through those during rough play.

May 28th, 2007, 07:59 AM
Thanks cyberkitten, I totally forgot about a ball- thanks for that :). I just need to get a ball thats indestructable hopefully hehe

Thanks LL1 and Chances mom, good to know any kong shape is good- they are just so many of them I got kind of lost. Do you think I should get a puppy one or does it really matter? The puppy is a mutt I guess, you can see her picture here . Some members thought they definately saw saluki/border collie in her though. She looks like she's gonna be a fairly big dog though and my brother says she is getting 'huge'. That's part of the problem, I dont know what breed really (could be a mutt that looks like those breeds and not really have them in her), or how big she is really so I need toys that are ok for most dogs.

and I wish I could michelle, but stores in the city my brother lives in are very limited. He lives in a tourist town so the supplies are very basic. I think in Cairo you could probably found stores with more supplies but no idea where and I think the prices for what would be considered there an 'uber luxury' would be sky high. That would also require taking her in a 6 hour car ride to Cairo, where I would have no where to keep her/walk her. Cairo is not the most dog friendly place.:sad:

May 28th, 2007, 03:42 PM
The Kong's that are hollow in the middle are good for stuffing peanut butter into are good as are the one's that are ball-shaped with holes that you can stuff their kibble or treats into as the dawg has to work to get the PB or the treats out of them.

"Flying Squirrels" are great as are the soft frisbee disks if they have some room to run and play catch.

If you will be getting balls for throwing, there is a thingamajig that looks like a realllllllly long-handled ladle for scooping up and tossing the ball. If that's too much for the luggage, consider a pair of rubber-palmed light-weight gardening gloves (balls get pretty slimey). My dawgs prefer tennis balls but I prefer the orange street hockey balls for visibility, ease of cleaning and no chnace of wearing down the enamel on their teeth by chewing. One of my grrrls loves to chomp on semi-inflated soccer balls :rolleyes:

I have a low "cranky" threshold so I'm not a fan of squeaky toys. My dogs have never had much use for the nylabones as they get real bones ~ maybe your bro' can find a friendly butcher.