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May 25th, 2007, 07:29 PM
I have finally gone over the edge. :laughing:
Lets not bring up G warming... I dont want this thread closed. BUT.
I have started my own personal crusade against my employer ( well at the office im at anyways.)
I found a bunch of boxes and taped cute pics of polar bears and pengies with a speach bubble saying " please stop killing us and recycle"
We have recycle bins here and there but most of the people are too "busy" to get up and bring the paper there. So now they have their own little boxes that I personally empty in the recycle bin every morning.
A few weeks ago I almost yelled at one of the other meter readers for "warming up" his truck.
I went running to the truck turned it off and said " its not that cold, no need to murder polar bears"
He was lost and I went on about the G W words.

Now i am official known as the green police.... I think the Hybrid threw me over the edge. I am much more aware of other vehicles exhaust when we are parked at lights because Im not emitting any!!!!!!!

Cant wait until EVERYONE has a hybrid. Myself included ( personal vehicle)

May 25th, 2007, 07:39 PM
:laughing: Good for you Erykah ! Hey, someone's gotta do it ! I did that with my boss too, when I saw him threw away a pile of papers, told him he was an ungrateful father, his kid won't get to see what trees look like, so now he keep it and give the piles to me :D and always write on the first page ; RECYCLE ! :D

May 25th, 2007, 07:46 PM
toronto is proposing,converting the hybreds they have to add an oversized battery.....lasts only 50 km.....then gas kicks in......only 13,000 dollars per car.....then you plug it in to recharge.....:rolleyes: you reduce emmissions from the car but put strees on the hydro system....some are coal that 13,000 per car , money well spent , not to mention the extra cost of buying a hybrid to begin with......i think they could put that money into other things to help with GW.

May 25th, 2007, 08:55 PM
My dad who is a born cynic anyway - but a conservationist in his own way (which means practical things like using wood from his own land to heat his home for periods of time, growing veggies so they truly ARE organic, not letting the water run when he brushes his teeth - all those little things - and of course, being super cautious about turning on only light that are necessary.)

I mentioned those examples- there are many more, most I am sure most of us practice without ever considering them "Green" ways of living because he told me the other day while it's possible, some of these guys telling all of us how to live are doing some public service, they are also making a good living at it and being trendy at the same time. The people with the hybrids, Al Gore with his new career, and even though I like to consider myself an environmentalist, I am not sure I am all that keen when people start making a career out of it. Actually, I don't mean Al Gore - I am thinking more of some of the environmental groups I see who use so much energy flying all over the country and the world to speak to people. They would provide a much better service by speaking by video conference! I forget the figure now but I think it is the flight of one jet is equal to a year's worth of heating a larger city for a year, some astronomical thing anyway (I may be wrong and if anyone has the actual equivalent, please add it!). It is more than ironic to have all these Presidential candidates in the US and our politicians in Canada flying around in their own planes to unveil their plan to reduce carbon emissions. How about using a bus? Or a train? Or flying commercial? They are all like Prince Charles (who may be an OK guy, I've never met him, lol) but he is no energy expert - he flies on his private jet to come to an energy and environmentalist conference! That is just ridiculous! Even all these environmentalists flying around the world talking to one another adds to the problem - could they not do this by videoconference. Yes, they;d be using their computers but that is not 1/100 as bad as flying somewhere. (in terms of carbon emissions et al).

My own contribution is to try not printing anything if I can help it though it amazes me how much paper is generated in a hospital - most of it hardly used!! I have been trying to get the lab to upload the results (which would also be faster!!!) asap on a secure server but no, they have to "train" their staff to use said server. No, the staff does not need to use the server per se - all they need to know is how to upload the information and I bet half of them download music and the other half download pictures of their children which means they could easily learn to upload data to a server!!! Gawd!!!

I bought a new bike last week - a new 21 speed and I am going to start doing some more biking. (I may need an O2 pump by the end by hey, I'll be in shape, :D ) They do have such neat bikes now tho!! So much kewler than when I was a kid! (Tho I actually used to bike -even tho I had a car) to class as a med student tho given the traffic now, I am not sure it's a wise thing to do now. Halifax has a lot of good biker paths tho so I'll stick close to them.

I however am not yet ready to become the poster girl er person for environmentalism where I work. We are renovating part of our old infrastructure at the hospital tho so that should be good - we can get rid of some old systems that way!!

Anyway - good luck erykah - now you have to find an icon for the Green Police, lol (Remember that show, The Green Hornet strikes again - I never watched it and can't tell you a thing about it but maybe someone can and they might have music that one could "customize."

May 25th, 2007, 10:20 PM
toronto is proposing,converting the hybreds they have to add an oversized battery.....lasts only 50 km.....then gas kicks in......only 13,000 dollars per car.....then you plug it in to recharge.....:rolleyes: .

The hard part is finding long enough extension cords for long trips...

May 26th, 2007, 06:34 AM
Yes,that IS a problem:laughing: I can see it taking us an extra day to drive down to South Carolina,stopping to recharge the car:yell:
If you could afford to get one just for daily excursions,shopping etc..discounting the high price of the car,maybe you could save a few $$$ and the air.
But as long as we still have coal-fired plants for our electricity,it just seems we are trading one polluter for another.
Windpower is the way to go,just like in many parts of Europe:thumbs up

May 26th, 2007, 08:44 AM
Yay Erykah, stick it to the man until he understands. I always find it so strange how those that are trying to be conscious of their actions are always the ones that are made fun of as kooks or tree huggers (which by the way angers me that the term tree hugger has been *******ized to be something negative. All tree huggers unite to reclaim the term TREE HUGGER!). Keep on keepin' on Sister. :thumbs up

May 26th, 2007, 09:25 AM
:highfive: Good for you, Erykah! :thumbs up

Hubby and I have decided that our next vehicle will be a hybrid. I'd like an Escape so that I can haul lots of boxes of books around, but we'll have to see what we can afford. :o

May 26th, 2007, 10:05 PM
I started to recycle a few years back and am amazed at how much less garbage we have to put out on the curb!
I recycle paper,cardboard,plastics,glass,tin, if theres a bin for it at the recycling station I haul it there.
I too shut the water off while I am brushing my teeth, and only turn lights on if I need them. I can't stand if someone leaves the tv on and they are not watching it. :frustrated:
Though I don't think anytime soon I will have a hybrid nissan is amazing on gas. It hardly ever seems like I fill the thing up!

A town next to ours set up this really good bylaw stating that you may only put out 2 bags of garbage per week. They are trying to encourage people to recycle by doing this....I don't know if it is working but it was worth a shot I guess!
And on the radio a few months back it was announced that the town where I live was surveyed and had the highest rate of recylcing in northern Alberta! :highfive: So we are now supposed to be getting a larger and better recycling center.

I can't wait to move out to an acreage so I can compost too lol.

I'm with ya on the Green Patrol Erykah!!!

May 27th, 2007, 06:56 AM
Here in Oakville we have a SIX bag limit:yell: I wish they would make it TWO:fingerscr
To me,recycling is just part of life now,I used to have a cupboard where I stuffed all the plastic grocery-bags,but since I bought the reusable bags I now have more storagespace:thumbs up
I don't understand why the stores still use plastic:confused:
Premier McGuinty is such a coward and a wuss,there are many things that could be done to save the air for the next generation,but his concerns is mostly big business and $$$$:frustrated:

May 28th, 2007, 09:25 AM
The biggest problem I have with the "enviromental movement" (and, equally, the "anti-enviromental movement") is there is often no middle ground. Both sides seem to have an "either your for us or against us" attitude. The only way it's going to work is if EVERYONE is on board.

The price of gas is a good example. I keep hearing people say, "It's great! It'll get people out of thier SUV's!" But this is so short-sighted. It won't get people out of thier SUV's. Trust me, I'm a banker, and I see every day people living a little too close to thier means because the aren't willing to sacrifice to be a little better off financially. The ones who suffer are the ones who are already driving smaller cars to save on gas. And if you live outside of the GTA, or Montreal or any other metropolitan area, public transit really is not an efficient alternative (if you live in the GTA, the TTC is FAR from efficient). Not only that, the price of gas effects more than people who drive. When I took GO transit, everytime the price of gas hit the next level, my tickets went up in price as well. The price of goods is going up because it costs more to ship.

The problem is, we can't sacrifice the enviroment for the sake of the economy, but we can't sacrifice the economy either. We need to find the middle ground, but we've got so much pulling from both sides (the enviromentalists and the pro-business side), that the rest of us are stuck in the middle trying to choose a side. Instead of trying to make our current choices less attractive, we need to make the alternatives more attractive. For example, I'd love to buy a hybrid. But the non-hybrid versions of the vehicles I'd buy are already at the top of my price range. When you add to the cost for the hybrid version, it puts it right out of my reach.

May 28th, 2007, 11:12 AM
I live in the city and have no use for a car, even though my mother is pushing me to get my licence, (hubby is scared of the prospect :laughing: ),
I think anything that you can do to put a bit less pressure on our environment is great, every little bit helps.

On breakfast television the other day David Suzuki's daughter was on and something she said was great, "we all make a difference, it's our choice whether it's positive or negative" - or something to that effect.

Where I live we have green bins, it's mandatory, it's for our organic waste, diapers, doggy doo, cat litter, and food waste, even the paper packaging that's touched food, they take that once a week and our garbage is removed once every other week. We also have a six bag limit, but when I look across the street at one of the buildings nearby and see that their garbage is taken twice a week and it's always a huge pile of it, I'm proud of having only a few bags of garbage every two weeks. Make do with what you have, you know?