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Camping with dogs

May 23rd, 2007, 01:52 PM
With camping sesson in full spring I was curious for those of you that do camping with your dogs what extra pre-cautions and equipment do you bring? Do your dogs sleep in the tent, looose or do you bring their crates and let them sleep in the crates in the tent? Also what types of things do you pack in your first aid kit specially for your dogs? How about types of equipment do you bring for them?


May 23rd, 2007, 07:16 PM
Oh, there was a thread with a similar discussion last summer...let's see..

Ah, here we go:

From what I remember, a lot of people did bring the dog kennel. I've never personally done that, but I think much of it depends on the size of the dog and what kind of camping you're doing as well. I tend to go up in rural areas in the boundary waters where we travel by canoe. No way could I fit a giant kennel Petey's size in my backpack or in a canoe. :) If you're driving there and have room, then it might be a nice thing to bring. Otherwise, one friendly warning. The dog tends to take over the tent when sleeping. :D But we make do just fine. :)
I've also traveled with Petey and stayed in hotels and one time on a houseboat. I didn't bring a kennel then either and had no problems at all. But there again, I think it depends on the dog, your experience with the dog, and the situation. How's that for nice and vague? :)
Anyway you do it, it's lots of fun! :)

May 24th, 2007, 08:06 AM
We canoe trip with our girl so no carrying anything like a kennel. She sleeps in the tent with us so we have to have an extremely obedient dog who will not upset the canoe or even go in the water late in the day, to keep wet dog out of the tent. Garbage and human excrement is a problem we have had to deal with on portages and at campsites, a dog will find it, so she is often leashed while on the campsite. She had a reaction to a bug bite once so we carry an anithistamine for her and we carry pliers, just in the off chance we meet up with a porcupine. Never had to use either. Oh, and breath mints, for her; did use them. :( Since she sleeps in the tent doggy shampoo probably would have been a good idea too, for those times they roll in stuff instead of eating it.

You just cannot prevent your dog from drinking untreated water on a canoe trip and they can get giardia, just as we do. Surprisingly, there is a vaccination for dogs to prevent it. We've never had the vac. for our girl and never had a problem but you might want to consider it.

Ford Girl
May 24th, 2007, 02:14 PM
We camp every weekend from May long to Thnaksgiving! Here's what I packed, it filled my KIA sportage to be honest, with her secured in the hatch back!!

Sleeping Arrangments:
10x17 tent, she is in her kennel secured with a blanket inside, covered kennel with a fleece sheet, tent heater on. (we are buying a tent trailer this week, she will still be kenneled)

Leash/confinment: Retractable leash altho dangerous with other dogs and kids around, regular 6' leash, and her x-pen set up in the middle of the action, she is content being confinded as long as she can see the action, not a peep out of her, a person parked his truck in her view and she howled, he promptly moved it!!! ha! Good to put her in when cooking or when everyone is eating, altho I got tones of concern comments about her "jail" and how mean we were, I just shot back.."you wanna share you steak with her, by all means" We even put her and VooDoo in at the same time so they could rest, other dog owner friends used it too, you could see that everyone was like "aw, such a good idea!"

First Aid Kit: Peroxide, old pantyhose (for muzzle or sling or wrap), q-tips, pepto, asprin, fur brush, nail clippers, emergency vet clinic card, Golden for Dummies book, instant ice pack, instant heat pack, ear cleaning solution...I think that's it?

She had her very own rubbermaid that held all the first aid stuff plus her dishes, boneless meat sticks so she could chew unsupervised - for confined chewing only - too many dogs around, 2 small stuffies for bed time, treats, bait bag, clicker, poop bags, a bright blue bandana, 3 towels, 1 blanket, food for 5 days individually baggied by serving, and "doggie" wipes...incase she rolled in anything.

And, last but not least...her very own 6L water cooler, she drank alot of river water, but I wanted her to have back home tap water too.

She had her shots for beaver fever, we had issues with her eating toilet paper which I gave up chasing her on, I hung bags in the woods for my friends to use however in our group alone there were 40 people, she found it regardless of the pick ups we did each day.

PHEW! I know, sounds like alot? We are hard core campers, back woods, no facilities and I wanted having a dog out there to be as easy as possible, we have always been responsibility free out there, this was the first time we had to actually look after something. It went well, by the end of day one, she was pooped, that helped, she was behaved enought for the first 2 days to be offleash, then I had to leash her with so much traffic, ATV's and people around, I tell you, the x-pen is the best investment I have ever made, we use it at home every day, that's where she spends the 6 hours a day she is home alone.

All the money spent and time and energy put in to her obedience training and manners building, no one believed she was only 8 months old, it paid off big time, which was exactly our goal with each class we registered her in. Camping + Doggie = FUN!