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New recall-Western Family Canada

May 22nd, 2007, 09:31 PM
In a press release dated today, Menu Foods has added two more items to their Canadian recall list:

1) Western Family Canada Chicken Cuts/Gravy canned dog food dated December 11, 2009 to March 7, 2010 (624g)

2) Western Family Canada Chunks of Chicken/Gravy canned cat food dated December 11, 2009 to March 7, 2010 (374g)

Menu Foods said that these two items should have been added to their recall expansion on May 2 and just recently noticed that they were omitted.

May 23rd, 2007, 07:41 AM
Omitted? They should have triple checked in a case like this. I don't feed my animals Western Family but thanks a lot for the update, if I know of anyone who does and see it I will let them know.

May 23rd, 2007, 12:45 PM
I know! It should have been on their list weeks ago, I wonder how many pets have eaten the food in the meantime!