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Litter training and diet

May 20th, 2007, 10:19 AM
Hey! Got my bunny last week so he's really young and still learning to be litter trained. Most of the time now he pees in the litter box, but he still puts pellets all over his pen which I keep putting into his box. Is it normal for the pellet part of litter training to take longer in young bunnies?

Also he doesn't seem to eat his hay much. I read young bunnies should get unlimited hay and pellets, but I let him run out of pellets to see if he'd munch on the hay for a while and he didn't. He kept waiting for more pellets. >.< Again, is this just bunny behavior and his tastes change when he gets older? Thanks for any help!

May 20th, 2007, 09:01 PM
My bunnies are litter trained (since babies), and they always pee in the box, but they do leave droppings outside the box. I don't mind because they are confined in a pen and the droppings are easy to sweep up.

As for the hay, my bunnies prefer some brands over others. Hay should be at least 80% of their diet. You should also begin introducing some fresh leafy greens, herbs, carrot tops (with greens), etc. If you have a hay rack, or some sort of container for the hay, you can fill it with hay and stuff veggies in the middle of the hay, so the bunny has to eat through the hay to get to the veggies.

You have to be very careful with pellets as the bunny gets older. Older bunnies tend to eat too much pellets and get fat. You should avoid pellets with seeds and treats in them, as these are just empty calories and fat that will encourage the bunny to eat too much.

Any pics of your new bunny?