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vent!...Male Cat Spraying at kittens

May 18th, 2007, 10:20 AM
Hi everyone,

Arg...there is a neighborhood male cat (not sure if he has a home or not) that has been lurking around my back patio doors ever since we got our 2 kittens.

Last evening, they were both sitting at the door watching out the window when this cat came up to the glass, stared and sat for about 5minutes, then decided to spray the glass doors!! I was sooo mad! Will other cats start to come around our house now????

Why can't people just keep their cats indoors instead of letting them cause havoc on other peoples property. Sorry to all who let their cats outdoors but this is a vent email.

They tear up my garden, poop everywhere, etc.

Phew! I'm done now :)