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URGENT-Very Young Kittens-Montreal-Where to Bring Advice Needed Please

May 17th, 2007, 11:13 PM
Urgent! I would appreciate any advice from those in Montreal that may know. First I must say I am very ill and cannot rescue these kittens. I just returned from the hospital and found an urgent message from my 80yr.old Mother who somehow captured some very very young kittens (do not know any details yet)I would like to know if anyone can advise me who to call for help in rescuing them, i.e. foster home or a shelter, or SPCA that will not kill them.My Father is 90 yrs. old very ill, they have a very old cat, and my Mother just returned from 3 months spent in a hospital because she slipped and fell on ice while going to feed the growing colony of cats in someone's yard. She is still with a boot cast on her foot, hobbling around, now in her 4th month, (and still recently repeating...walking on ice etc!!) I cannot imagine how she managed to capture these kittens as the colony she feeds is in a neighbour's yard.......but she sounded very hysterical in the message. Her health is not good and I would appreciate if someone could advise me immediately of where I can get help immediately-they need to go to another place tomorrow - Friday, as my Father is very very fragile and he recently came back from the hospital and cannot take this commotion. Also, how terrible for the Calico Mother to not have her kittens :( I wish someone could help her. I wish someone could help out, i.e. trap them to spay and neuter. I cannot coordinate any of this....too ill...personal problems.......HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!! Appreciate any advice. Thanks:confused: :confused: :confused:

May 18th, 2007, 02:01 PM
Not sure how "urgent" this is- kittens are EVERYWHERE in Montreal. Not sure there's anybody to help trap and neuter them. Most people who get it done do it themselves. :shrug:

May 18th, 2007, 02:21 PM
If the mother cat is around and still feeding them, they should be put back in the same location in a comfy box. Feeding the mother is already a huge help. It's sad, but for now it is probably the best solution, if you can't find someone to take them off your mother's hands. Hand-feeding tiny kittens is a fairly specialized (and exhausting) task, plus the cost of taking them to the vet.
You could call the SPCA and see if they have a nursing mother available, or if they even have room.
The rescues - see Poodletalk's recent thread - are probably overwhelmed.
But you could get lucky.
Really wish I could help :sad:

May 18th, 2007, 02:35 PM
Is the SPCA in Mtl a kill shelter? (I am not sure, that's why I ask - check to make sure before you bring them there!) That said, there must be some rescue groups in Mtl who can help you if you are unable to help your mother yourself. I agree with badger - if the mom is caring for the kittens, they are best left with her for the time being. Hand rearing tiny kittens is best done by someone with experience and lots of time and help - you need KMR and a vet on speed dial - or at least a pharmacy, <g> And sometimes, regardless of one's best effortsm orphan kittens just do not make it.

If you can find a mom cat who is nursing or recently gave birth and would take these kittens on - along with extra help from a group (Many mom cats will do this.) - that would be your best bet. This mother cat may be a young kitten herself (4-6 months is sometimes an age when some kittens will become pregnant and she may not have been ready - or something happened and she did not think they were her kittens or she just does not want the,. She may even sense there are medical issues with the kittens and is deliberately leaving them there. Without knowing the situation, I or anyone else is hard pressed to know why she is acting in thismway- we can merely provide a few theories based on our own experiences with cats and what we know.

It's too bad you are not well - even if you were able to take them in when they are older and need homes, that would be helpful and I have done that myself while in a body cast and on oxygen and a myriad of other meds (ie, a central venous line and so forth) and have patients with cancer who do very well caring for their cats so you may be underestimating your own strength. It might actually help your recovery to help these babies- if you have some help yourself.

Good luck in helping them!!!