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Midnight visitor

April 24th, 2004, 06:16 AM
As Paul Revere was said to ride through the night alerting all within ear shout our dogs have the same traits.
In our house bedtime is a pack thing. First into the king size bed has their choice of space. Usually it is myself-The Mrs, two Siamese Mr.Pye and Charlie and then Dynamyte the toy poodle and last but not least is Daisy the rescue -Hienz whatever. Jazzy the Hound of the Baskervilles sprawles on the floor at the doorway and protects the rest of the pack from presumed intruders.
We have a local skunk who wanders out of the woods on warm evenings looking for his love life - who I believe has set up housekeeping in one of my barns.
Mr. Smelly likes to wander up the yard-stopping to nibble a few fresh flowers then he and the love of his life swoon or spoon under the full moon. The first to sound the alert was Bo the flying G.S. and Angie the rescue herder. They started the ruckus at about 12;30 AM. (while we were all asleep). As soon as the kennel dogs had sounded the alarm the king size bed errupted in a mass of baying - barking -yipping and yapping. (The cats freaked and headed for their own cat room and hid in their cat tree).
The thundering herd roared throught the house and set up a wall of noise in the Fla. room. The Fla room has floor to ceiling glass door walls which together are 52 feet of unobstructed view. Great viewing for the dogs to keep an eye on Mr. Smelly and his lover "Perfume".
This wall of nosie kept up until I could offer doggie bisquits and bribes to quiet everyone. Try being awakened to a thunderous roar. Not fun. The only good thing was it almost cleared the bed in quick order.
Mr. Smelly and Perfume went on their merry way after having disrupted our sleep and that of our dogs and cats. I was up the rest of the night reading a book and everyone else went back to bed. The only one it didn't bother was the Mrs. who never got up in the first place. Why is it women are smarter than men on these things??? :confused:

April 24th, 2004, 08:39 AM
Well,in answer to your question..Women just are more logical,less excitable,have learned to shut off ,especially if they have a hubbie who gets up and takes care of the problem :D
Another way for you to make a few bucks,write a column for your local paper,called"the Hilarious(sp)Woodies!"
It for sure would give people a chuckle and rid them of any bad mood and maybe even look at nature and the creatures in it with a more caring attitude :)

April 24th, 2004, 12:13 PM
OK, this was one of the rare posts that I actualy laughed at!!! LoL. You cracked me up!