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potty training or what?

May 14th, 2007, 03:43 AM
i have a cat - kitu. he was given to me by my cousin nearly one and a half years back. he behaved really well. he was potty trained.
for the past few days he's stopped peeing in his litter box, instead likes to do it in the one of the corners of my garden. now whenever he wants to pee he stands at the door and meows - wants to be taken out. if i dont take him out he goes and pees on the sofa!:eek: he's done this three times now!
i spanked him for it...with a light hand, but stopped it coz had no effect on him...he kept doing it.
he sleeps in my bedroom. in the middle of the night he wanted to go out...but i didnt as i was sleeping and he peed on my quilt!
please tell me what should i do. i have never potty trained a cat before and have no idea how it is done or he is doing this becoz of something else?