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Hypo-Allergenique Bulldog & RAW

May 11th, 2007, 11:49 AM

For the full story pls check out & the Forum2 Medical for Praellwyn. I tried to post it here last time & it was censored for length. My 5 yr. old Bulli, Scarlet, at is hypo-allegenique. Knowing now all of her medical probs after "rescuing" her from her "reputable" breeders (knew them thru her Uncle Spyke & by
rep-undiserved) she needs a specialized diet. In our 3 yrs. together She has been on Wellness Chicken (2 yrs.) & Natural Balance Salmon & Sweet Potato
(1 yr.) both kibble & canned. Both times she has developed unexplained urinary infections. She refuses to eat the vet Royal Canin/Hills/Medi-Cal crap (which didn't help) & is sensitive/allergique to Porc, Chicken, Beef, Lamb & possibly to Turkey & Fish.


She CAN eat Horse, Bison (hates), Orstrich ($$$), Rabbit ($$$) & Fish. I am looking into RAW/BARF but I am worried about minerals & vitamins. She already eats human foods on a par w/ her food & I am supplementing w/ Urban Carnivore.

Any help for food & bones. She loves to chew her bones (Elk, Bison, & Turkey necks-before I knew).


We are in NDG, Montreal if anyone else is nearby. I worry about what I am doing but options are limited & I can't afford any vet costs in the immediate future thnx to her breeders/vet.

May 11th, 2007, 12:26 PM
Many dogs that cant eat kibble chicken, can eat raw chicken, kibble beef, can eat raw beef, etc. If you'd like to try a raw diet, id recomend starting with one food source. You say Rabbit is ok. Ok, feed whole raw rabbit (skin removed) for a week or so. Once hes ok with that. Try some whole raw chicken quarters. If you get a reaction, go back to just rabbit. If he does ok with the chicken, slowly add a new protien source every 2-3 weeks.

As for the minerals and such, feed a variety of meats. Suppliment if you have to, if you cant feed fish, add fish oil, etc.

June 20th, 2007, 03:50 AM
Haloo first of all as this is my 1st post.
Well i know your anxiety. I have 2 french bulldogs and they have lots of allergies also.
One is allergic to pork, beef, lamb. The other is allergic to lamb,rabbit, and maybe chicken(still working that out).
I just wanted to mention that scott is wright. many dogs cant handle for example chicken based kibble but when feeded raw everything is ok. My explanation on this is that there are so many ingredients in a kibble , so you dont know whats bothering him.

I had to change to raw due to health problems. My older frechie was vomiting 2-3 times a day for nearly 2 months. I went to all the vets in my country and no one mention allergy. They were taking me from one brand of kibble to another.Hypoallergic(i dont think there is one), sensible, intestinal holistic kibbles and many more. Nothing changed. SOO, by the time i have switched to barf the vomiting is gone.

So you should go ahead and try barf. Start with an elimination diet and do your reading before you start. I spend lots of money cause i wasnt prepare.
Again, do your homework. I am still learning cause i didnt go by the book. I used to add a little detail by my wise head:angel: and blew the whole thing up.

All the best