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Celebrate "Be Kind to Animals" in MAY with a DOGOPOLY and educate kids & family and h

April 21st, 2004, 10:34 PM From: "Sheepdoglover" <> Add to Address Book
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 10:04:07 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [TLCRescue] Celebrate "Be Kind to Animals" in MAY with a DOGOPOLY and educate kids & family and have fun at the same time !

Celebrate MAY's "Be Kind to Animals" with the purchase of a DOGOPOLY and educate kids, family & friends and have fun at the same time !

PLEASE reply directly to: We dont want to miss any offers that come through on the list. <Thank You>

OES&FR is currently selling DOGOPOLY to raise funds to help animals not only in our own program but also to WV-OH High Kill Shelters! We make numerous contributions to other groups, shelters for life saving Vetinerary Care when it is URGENTLY NEEDED.

Has anyone seen the DOGOPOLY yet? They are sooooo cute ! Same principle as Monopoly but doggie based. These will make GREAT gifts for any special gift-giving occasion such as a birthday or anniversay, etc. WHY not give something that is NOT FATTENING, is fun for the whole family and SUPPORTS Dog Rescue with out the Scooping of Poop !

"Testimonial from Robert Fragasso"

I bought four games for Christmas, one for myself and one each for my three grown daughters and their families. They love them, especially the grandchildren. They even took a game on a ski trip and played it each night around the fireplace. Well worth the price and a great way to help the shelter.

See below for the description < EMAIL for picture >

DOG-OPOLY is a game based on our fabulous four-legged friends.

It has all the fun of a traditional real estate trading game with some dog-eat-dog twists.

Buy your favorite dogs then collect Dog Houses and trade them in for Big Bones.

Dogs are arranged around the board from Chihuahua - Great Dane.

The back of each Dog Deed is filled with facts about the dog.

Did you know a Boxer is called a Boxer because it uses it's front paws to play or fight?

It's all tail-wagging fun until you land on KENNEL. Then you're sent to the kennel and you're out of the game for three turns.

Choose to be the Flea, Mailman or other fun options.

You may become the proud owner of the Neighborhood Butcher Shop or the ever popular Fire Hydrants!

You could win first place in Obedience Class.

Collect $200 every time you pass Go Fetch! or pay $200 because you have fleas!

Don t be a Bad Dog or you'll go to the Kennel or get fleas. Maybe you'll be a Good Dog, get best in the show and collect $100.00.

The game consists of the Playing Board, 6 Pewter Tokens, Dog Houses (houses), Big Bones (hotels) Professionally Illustrated Dog Breed Cards (deeds), Good Dog and Bad Dog Cards (chance & community chest), Play Money, and Dice.

DOG-OPOLY promises you'll have a Dog-Gone Good Time!

It can be played in about one hour play and also offers a traditional (hours and hours) play.

Should you be interested in purchasing one through OES&FR, please email privately to: .

The Malls/Dept stores are selling them for $29.95. I am asking $24.95 (discounts for orders of 3 or more will be considered).

These can be SHIPPED nationwide via Airborne Ground when inquiring send Zip Code for rate quote.

We can give you more information and a picture of the game at your request.

Thank you for allowing OES&FR the opportunity to post this email and feel free to send to any friends, relatives, etc.


Louise Smitrovich

Louise (OES&FR) Pittsburgh PA