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Orijen ok for 3 month old kitten?

May 8th, 2007, 11:56 AM

I read on the back of the orijen bag that its ok for cats and kittens and since my cat Onnie has been doing so well on it I thought I'd feed it to the kitten too. Just wanted to make sure it was alright though, since I read that puppies shouldnt have v high protein food so thought it might be the same for kittens?

Also, don't know if it is related but the little guy makes the stinkiest poops ...and I mean stinky!!! :yuck: I literally have to scoop up the litter box after every use and I can tell when the kitten is asleep next to me just by its smell. I think it also has gas, but read this was normal for kittens?

Oh and last, but not least..can I free feed the kitten? I do that with my other cat so Ive been letting the kitten do that so far...but it eats all the time! and I thought Onnie ate a lot :eek: I figure this is probably cuz its still growing..I'm a little reluctant to just feed it the reccomended amount cuz he is a pretty skinny little guy under all the floof.

May 8th, 2007, 01:33 PM
My Gabby was like that....very smelly when we first got her....I don't know why, but she didn't need to be wormed or anything, and she was fine after a little while with good food and care. As for eating, she was an eating machine from 8 weeks old to 8 months old. Didn't eat a huge amount at one time, but always eating. She still eats more than the other 3, but she's still growing and she's a whole lot more active than the rest at this point too. She can hear that can opener and be under my feet in seconds. :laughing:
She's not heavy or thin, but she plays hard so burns more than the other cats for sure. I like the Orijen and all my cats are free fed that along with canned food.


May 8th, 2007, 02:07 PM
Thanks Cindy - so I guess I should put off the gas mask purchase lol

Orijen it is for the kitten :thumbs up

May 8th, 2007, 04:16 PM
My Vinnie when I first got him had terribly stinky poop,even the vet stepped back when I brought a sample poop to check for worms:laughing:
However it soon went to normal stinky poop,it might just be a kittenthing:cat: