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Is this normal?

May 7th, 2007, 09:21 PM
Ok I have a 1year old female YorkiePoo..
She is not spayed ..Now the thing that as me confused is that her
nipples are sticking out more and it sort of looks like she's got little lumps like she was starting to get milk.. Is this normal ? She's never been in heat or if she as I never noticed blood or nothing.. Could this be a sign that she is starting or what? I'm 100% sure that she as not matted with a dog as we have a fenced in yard and I always go out side with her or if I'm not out with I make sure to keep an eye on her..

Anyone know what it could be as like I said I'm totaly confusedat this point..

the gang
May 7th, 2007, 10:00 PM
it might be time to get her spayed

May 8th, 2007, 08:12 AM
Yes I know..she would of been spayed a long time ago but last year was just the worst year for us..With my parents losing there home to a fire and my mother in law passing away then on top my husband getting laid off.. So getting Sadie spayed was the last thing on our mind..Now my husband as started a new Job and as soon as we can get back on top of things money wise we will have her spayed..

No I do not wish to breed her, believe me 1 is enough for us .. I just wanted to know why the sudden change with her nipples that's all ..

thank you to anyone that as replied in advance

May 8th, 2007, 08:18 AM
You may start to notice male dogs hanging around too, another sign she's in heat. Just be careful until you can get her fixed.

Would love to see pics of her :D


May 8th, 2007, 11:27 AM

Hope this link works !!!

Thank you and I will make sure to get her fix asap.. As for other dogs I'm not to worried and she is always inside with me unless she has to go potty or just outside to play and run after birds.. Like I said we have a fenced in yard ..

Here is a Picture of her ..this is the best one i could find of her .. her pictures tend to not turn out to good with her being so I know she looks nothing like a yorkiepoo but we where told she was ..she tend to look more on the poodle side..

May 8th, 2007, 11:35 AM
Just to let you know. A fence will not stop a determined male. I had a rescued female in my enclosed yard ( 6 foot wooden fence). I was inside the house when I heard a crash. I look outside and there right in front of her was a male lab ready to mount her. Part of the fence panel was broken. I couldn't get the male off her...We did have her litter aborted , but what a hard lesson for me to learn. Still feel bad to this day.

Remember, even if you're with her, a determined male dog will do everything to get the female in heat. Be careful.

May 8th, 2007, 12:18 PM
My two hounds came from a pair of litters where the females in heat were locked up in a kennel at night, surrounded by a 5 foot chain link fence. The neighbour's Rotti climbed the fence to spend the night with the girls, and 20 puppies were the result! Nature will find a way!;)

May 8th, 2007, 12:47 PM
OMG!! Thats what i have is a chainlink fence.. Now I am scared !! Usualy during the day I send her out to play with my 5 year old daughter when I'm occupied with house work (Not to worry I do check on them ever few minutes) Or I make sure she is playing where I can see her trought the window.. I'm very scared now after I've read your posts to send my daughter outside with Sadie ... Wouldn't want them to get attacked my a determend male dog.. I will have to have a talk with hubby and see if we can't have her spayed by this month..I know money is very thight right now but this can't be put off any longer...

Thanks guys!!: Your opinons and advice have been greatly appreciated :pawprint:

May 8th, 2007, 02:37 PM
At one year, I'd be very surprised if she hasn't gone into heat already. If she is producing milk, she could be going through what they call a "false pregnancy", when the bitch hasn't been mated, but her body still produces all the pregnancy hormones as if she were pregnant. If she hasn't gone into heat yet, (or if she did go into heat but it was around 6 months of age) she will be going into heat soon. See if you can find a low-cost clinic near you, ask any local humane societies and spca's if they can direct you to low-cost services. It really should be done asap.

May 8th, 2007, 08:18 PM
I agree with Sable Collie. IF she has not already had at least one heat, there could be a medical problem and you are taking a chance with a mixed dog from - I hope you did not pay a lot of money for her and she does look like a poodle (I have had a poodle and adore them, they are very cute dogs so I can't imagine why anyone would want to change a good breed - ie, flirt with nature deliberately anyway. I can understand how a Yorkie and poodle may end up mating by mistake, still not good but it's not a human effort,Did you rescue her from some puppy mill that was selling these dogs, telling people that Yorkiepoos would not shed - such a lot of malarkey. I have a friend who breeds Yorkies and she says they can come into heat quite early and I would guess that is true of breeds mixed with Yorkies as well. With your kind of dog, it is hard to know how much of each of his lineage she has which is one of the drawbacks of this trend to "Breed" various breeds together and call them some term they come up with. It makes it more difficult to ascertain the known medical problems that come with each breed since no one - not even me with my lab that does DNA analyses - can ascertain how much of each breed your dog has. (Maybe given a lot of time and lots of RNA and DNA and cellular material but I am getting off track.)

You might want to get your cutie to the vet asap for a check up at the very least and to be spayed as soon as possible because no matter how we try to keep in a dog or cat or rabbit in heat, inside, they and the determined males seeking them,as evidenced by the anecdotes outlined here , will find a way ti get there!! And a spay with puppies or a mama plus puppies is a huger and more expensive undertaking than just spaying your dog!!

Is it possible she went into heat and you did not notice last year? (with so much on your plate as you described, it could have occurred.) If she is not fertile - a GOOD thing, lol - you may be fortunate but that is very rare. Still, it seems to me she would give off the scent that dogs do.

I can recall my own anecdote as a teenager babysitting for someone and their dog was in heat and I had to get into the house past a plethora of male pooches outside the house - it was not fun and in fact even for me, a dog lover, it was scary!!! Some of them nearly attacked me! So I think until you have her spayed, the best place for your child and your dog is inside!!! (except for her necessary walks and to do her thing. <g>)

Good luck!!

May 8th, 2007, 09:44 PM
Well this guy was selling them for 250.00 each I was surprised that he was selling them so cheap..He lived a good 1 1/2 away and was coming to my town to sell his pups 4 in all .. any ways to make a long story short We ended up having to get this guy and the pups his car had broke down and had no way of getting to my town so in exchange we got her for free + plus he payed for our gas .. Now there was these 4 little cuties in a laundry basket wet from urine and feces.. This guy looked liked like a hillbilly during this time he's telling us that this was the mom's 19th litter and that they docked the pups tail themselfs .. I felt sick to my stomac and felt so sorry for these pore dogs ,its was then that we new that this guy was a backyard breeder.. She was the runt of the litter and she just caught my eye.. The mom was a yorkieshire and dad poodle.. We made an app with the vet the next day and they were able to sqeeze her in that day.. They gave her her shots and a clean bill health and she only weight 1.5pounds ..But she is up to date on her shots and wieghts 5 pounds ..she is due again in a few months so I will make an app to have her spayed during that time..Your right she probly had her first heat and I just didn't noticed .. Come to think of it I think she as i can recall that 3 time in one day having to change my shirt and pants she alaways sleeps on my lap when im sitting on the sofa and a few time i felt something wet and it was a brownish color not red but maybe that was her first heat....Now for keeping my child and Sadie inside is another thing .. I was telling hubby that i will sit outside with a 2x4 while their out there just to be on the safe

May 9th, 2007, 05:03 AM
Well, at least you saved hetr from a fate at some pet store - hopefully, her sibs were as fortunate!! (But you know how byb's are, Gawd!) She is the lucky one and you are too - any dog with poodle in them has to be a wonderful dog, lol and Yorkies too are cute!)

I guess you could always change the routine on a daily basis- sometimes, you can sit outside with them or sometimes, let them play in the house? I know my poodle usually wanted me out there with him and I hated to leave him outside by himself. I rarely did and even then, it was on the porch where he was in full view and of course he'd bark until I did go out. I have Siamese now and I think those two breeds have lots in common, lol both always know how to get what they want - or maybe I am just a softie, lol Both like to talk (or many do anyway) and they are both smart. In the New Book of Lists, poodles are rated the 2nd smartest dog. :)