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Is this normal? Onnie chasing kitten

May 7th, 2007, 05:46 AM

As I said in the pet photography subforum, I got a new kitten ( thinking of naming him tito). So far Onnie has been tolerant. At first, I thought it was kind of cute that they were chasing after eachother but I don't really think it's playful chasing anymore :sad: .

For starters, Onnie seems kinda depressed...he won't sit with us ( family) like he does, doesnt want to play his fav games etc. The kitten kind of butts in everytime im trying to play with Onnie so Ive had alone time with Onnie.

Is Onnie just establishing the pecking order so to speak? When the kitten jumped on the bed, Onnie ( who was perched on a window looking out) jumped on the bed and chased it off, got in a sort of hold and according to my mom was gonna bite his stomach. Onnie then ran back up to his window and the kitten went under the bed. I checked the kitten, no bites or scratches. It seems Onnie just chases it, maybe swats at it and 'pretends' to bite it ( cuz believe me he has sharp teeth! there would be wounds if he wanted to hurt the kitten!).

I don't yell at Onnie when he does this but instead try to distract him. Im guessing things arent that bad since the kitten isn't getting hurt and theres no hissing/spitting/growling etc on Onnie's end, but I'd appreciate some insight from people who've had more than one cat?

I don't want to get kitten hurt or Onnie upset :sad: .


May 7th, 2007, 08:30 AM
Sounds like normal pecking order stuff to me. Since the kitten is so young, Onnie has his hands full! He isn't spending as much time with you because he's too busy re-establishing himself as Number 1, possibly a little pissed off. I'd think about separating them occasionally to give Onnie some down time. And you're right, yelling is not a good idea, but vigilance, yes.