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Should I trust my dog more...

May 6th, 2007, 12:41 PM
Yesterday I took Joshie to the dog park and decided to walk him a little around the park area ( outside the fence area) on a long (thin) leash We were getting ready, I was arranging a water bottle and his stuff in my bag, Josh was sitting and waiting and...
A nice lab was running off leash towards his owner car .. Joshie jumped and charged towads him barking, I started yelling at Josh to stop, leash was unrolling with great speed and with huge pull I ended up on the ground still clutching the leash. Owner ran to me and what I see .. instead of a dog fight, our lovely doggies were wagging their tails and almost kissing. Did I ever felt like an idiot.
I removed the leash OFF Joshie and we went for a nice walk. He stayed with me all the time. Did I misread his charging and barking as an aggression?
it looks like he just wanted to meet other dog.
That was the first time when he actually pulled me so hard and the length of the leash didn't help. I am not using it anymore.
That's not to say that I am going to let him off leash now, he doesn't like much small dogs and I am not taking chances.
Does barking on a leash and pulling means aggression or could it be an excitement to see other dog?