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May 5th, 2007, 06:33 PM
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I'm crafty. My husband and I are full time rvr's and live in our 5th wheel trailer. We are also recreation directors and consultants. So we travel, take pictures of everything, and stop here and there to offer our services. We've been married 15 years and traveling 17. We started with his red mini doxie, (Dixie), then I wanted a dog too. I prefer long hair and got one from the pound, (Sissy). Then we got a runt black mini that was flown from Oregon to Penn, where we were, (Lady). Over the years we have lost all of them, Sissy just last week. Over the last two years we have 2 mini reds. One male, (rascel or Razzy), and female, (Mischief or Missy). We found you because she had 3 puppies 2 wks ago. FIRST, she has no red pups; one is dapple, one is white with a red head and 2 red spots, and 1 is white with a black face and 2 black spots. pics attached. Even the vet is mistified.
ALSO, we would love some feed back as to raising them. Especially when it comes to keeping them out of trouble, how soon to potty train, and training them. We will start traveling again next week, so this should be interesting. Would anyone like an update?