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May 4th, 2007, 12:45 PM
Hi everyone! I've just signed up so I figured I should introduce myself. I have five dogs and a cat at the moment and theres no telling when I'll take in another one(ok so I'm a little spoiled:p ) I have 2 Yorki mixes, a male and a female, Roky(yes that was spelled that way on purpose, he's not a boxer, lol) and Foxy. Then I have what we believe is a Dalmation and American pit mix, His name is oliver, but he's living with my boyfriend for right now, A German Shepard mix named Levay, and a Red nosed pit, Rottie, and Lab mix Named Jasmine. Then theres Toby, He's my 4 or 5 week oold kitten that I'm getting soon:goodvibes: .... so I suppose thats about all I can say about me, other than the fact the bsl is the excat same thing as racial discrimanation, and should be treated as such.