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Beagle wont potty on leash.

April 29th, 2007, 01:34 AM
Since bringing my almost three year old Beagle home last October he has not once pooped when I was walking him. I take him to work with me so he gets to go in daycare, where he will go out and, fairly quickly, do his business in the yard. On my off days, I sometimes take him to the dog park, and he wanders around and eventually goes. But when I am just walking him, he wont go. He will hold it in all day and either a) sneak off and poop in my room or b) simply hold it until he goes to daycare or the park, which is usually the next day, sometimes two days later! Lately he has been stubourn about peeing too. He used to go out the door and immediately mark the first bush he came across. Lately he's started sniffing every bush and only after long minutes of sniffing and resniffing everything, he pees a little. Tonight he passed right by all the usual bushes and after fifteen minutes, still wouldnt pee. And he hadnt gone all day, so I know he has to go... If he's peeing in the house he's hiding it very well because I dont know where he goes, if he does.

I have tried longer walks, more frequent walks, catching him as soon as he seems like he needs to go, but nothing seems to work. Its like he physically cannot poop while that leash is on his collar. And I dont even know what the deal is with this recent pickyness about where he pees...

Any suggestions?

April 29th, 2007, 01:20 PM
He can do it, he just chooses not to. Sometimes dogs don't want to be near their person when they potty - they would prefer to be at a distance.

You could try a longer leash and give him more freedom to get away from you.

You could add canned pumkin to his meals - pure fiber and will encourage him to HAVE to go.

Keep him on the leash in the house attached to you. Then he can't go elsewhere to potty. It might also desentize him to the leash a bit more so he can relax with it on.

Give it a word like 'potty, go potty' - my dogs will sometimes fake peeing just so I will move on. They are thinking "for Pete's sake, see I lifted my leg can we go now?" But when they really can pee they do.