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Helix's first raw meal!

April 28th, 2007, 07:22 PM
So tonight we gave Helix his first raw meal! We're doing a morning kibble (Orijen) and evening raw rotation (at least for now!). His meal tonight consisted of a nice juicy chicken thigh (that I pounded a bit to break up the bones- I was a little afraid he might try to just gulp them down!) and a bit of "Fear Factor" smoothie- consisting of 1/3 liver, 1/4 sardines, 1/4 eggs (with shells) and a bit of carrots and celery all blended together. I made a total of 42 meals for freezing- most with chicken thighs, but some with beef and some with whole mackerel (and of course, the smoothie!). He LOVED every minute of it! Our biggest problem is that he tries to run away and hide under the ottoman with the thigh because he thinks he shouldn't have it! We had to hold it for him so he couldn't run away with it :). He handled the bones like a pro, chomping and crunching away and loved the smoothie too. I think this is going to be a success for him, we'll just have to see how his digestive tract handles it all.

April 28th, 2007, 11:12 PM
Sounds great, :highfive: :thumbs up
But, maybe loose the liver. Too many proteins going on there for me. I know your wanting to add veg but do a little more research on what your giving if your going that route, I seem to recall dark leafy ones are best but I didn't spend much time dwelling on that subject. The liver is probably best left after a few weeks once you have the bone/meat sorted, balance is done over weeks, not each meal
With the running away, just be consistant and make sure he knows while the chicken is in his food area he is allowed it. Eventually he will be comfortable staying in one place. He probably thinks you will take it away from him (not a bad thing to do occasionally IMO so he doesn't get possessive) so wants to hide, that is one of the bonus's of being crate trained as they have somewhere safe to eat, my two are not :frustrated: so we took their food away if they moved it from the mat, now they go straight to their mats when I get their food out.
Sounds like your well on your way there :thumbs up