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Hi there everyone - I need advice desperately

April 26th, 2007, 01:02 PM
We already had three cats (brother & Sister 9 yrs old & female of 4yrs) who get on well when I decided to adopt a 4 month old Tom who, I was informed, didn't like to use the litter tray when it was not clean.

He has been with us now for 3 months and has been neutered but although he will wee in the litter tray, he insists on pooping in another room on the carpet. We have tried buying more litter trays and placing them around the room with an assortment of litter in them an always make sure they are clean.
We have even left him out in the garden all day but then after a while we find that he has saved it until he comes in. he has never pooped in a litter tray since we had him and we now suspect that this was the reason the previous owner wanted to get rid of him.

He gets on really well with the other cats and does not seem at all stressed. He is perfectly healthy and has a wonderful character but this cannot go on.
Although we love him to bits, he is going to have to go if we cannot cure this behaviour. Please can someone help?

April 26th, 2007, 04:10 PM
Hi Patsycats, and welcome to the site.:)

I'd say you're right - his litterbox issues are likely the reason your new kitty was given up.
He sounds like a lovely boy, and you already love him and are happy with him otherwise.:cloud9:

This can be a tricky issue to address,:shrug: but it usually can be corrected.

You've already tried the standard remedies... changing litter, adding boxes.. so
I'd suggest taking him to the vet,.. if you've not already done this.. to rule out any medical issues. You can also ask what they reccomend to try.

Some cats have a need for a covered (or uncovered box) Have you tried both varieties?
Could it be a privacy issue for the pooping? Maybe try a location in a out of the way spot?

Is he pooping in the same room and the same area each time? All spots he's going in need to be completely cleaned and deodorized.. even a trace of the scent.. which we cant pick up. will bring them back again and again.

You might try applying one of the products that are intended to deter cats from an area.. citrus smell is said to be something cats avoid.
There is also a product called Feliway, provides a "calming" effect to some cats, and can help with litter issues for some..
Though your kitty seems to have adjusted and gets on with the other two.. there might be some stress associated with the other male cat you have.

Cats hate the feel and sound of tin foil. This might not feasible, ...depending on where he is actually going... but you might even try placing foil down on the carpeted area... to keep him away from this spot.

I hope you can correct this problem.. I know from personal experience that its an upsetting one.:frustrated: One of my three cats has been randomly pooping outside the box for over a year now ( he is now seven) I dont know why it started ..or how to stop it... but I''ll continue to work on it.: As frustrating as it is, it's only the occassional lapse though, rather than daily as you are seeing. I'm kind of resigned to the fact it might "never" be solved.:shrug:
But as your kitty is very young.. I'd say chances are excellent that this behaviour can be turned around.

It's hard to rehome a cat with known litterbox avoidance, and the sad thing is, that if you "give up" on this sweet boy - he may be destined for a long stay in a shelter and a series of homes who wont keep him because of his issues.:sad:

I'm sure some of the others will have some suggestions for you, and I wish you good luck with your new boy!:fingerscr

April 26th, 2007, 04:22 PM
I have never had an issue with pooping outside the box,but I do have a male neutered cat who sprays,we have not been able to solve whatever problem he has,but giving him up to eventually be euthanized would never enter my mind,I love him..
To me,I bring an animal to my home,I have to deal with whatever unpleasant behaviour he has and unless he is dangerous,he will stay with me.
I buy Natures Miracle to treat any spot he's sprayed on,it's a very good product to remove odors.
Did you try a box with no litter,maybe just some paper and put it where he normally poops??
We take our cats outside year around and they too run inside to go to their boxes downstairs:D