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Mineral build up in bladder causing discomfort--need food suggestions

April 20th, 2007, 07:52 PM
I posted this in the health forum also.. Not sure which is better. Heres my question:

Female cat who is about 10 months old.
She was happily eating "Chicken Soup for the Adult Cat Lover's Soul" brand pet food for the last few months.

About a month ago she started developing discomfort urinating
Her urine contained blood, and she was having a lot of difficulty getting it out.
When she did successfully urinate, it was tiny amounts.

The vet said the problem was a mineral build up in her bladder caused most likely by her food.
She also had been eating some fish food from near my aquarium for quite a while before I noticed, and that may have contributed.

The vet put her on c/d, a wet food from science diet that is highly balanced in minerals.

Over the past month, she's eaten only c/d and her problem has completely cleared up. Urine is fine, correct color, and correct volume.

So now the question!! (Sorry for the long history)

I want to switch her to a new food, preferably a dry food, but dont know which to choose. We are going out of town in 1 month for 2 weeks and leaving them with a cat sitter, so i want to get the change over with in case there are any complications.

What food should I switch to that is low in minerals?

My other cat currently eats Innova for adult cats. Is this a good one? I heard it slightly high in minerals and I don't want to make her sick again.


April 21st, 2007, 02:11 AM
Here are a few threads that might help you.

Moisture is also a key ingredient with maintaining urinary health for cats so I would suggest a mix of wet and dry foods.