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April 20th, 2007, 04:25 PM
Ok freakin out here.

I have searched what food is available in Kenora and well there isn't much. One store(only two) says they sell Acana cat food. People your wonderful tell me what you know about this food, light or adult. I am so freakin paranoid now and I am leaving next week to go to work which is in the middle of no mans land. The royal canin so/ph canned food doesn't have any grains in it so I am ok there but Forest won't eat it without any dry mixed in. Now the dry has rice and corn gluten so I am going to stop feeding it even though it's not on the recall and Stixx is getting the medi-cal preventive, stopping that too as it has rice and corn gluten. Neither are on the recall "yet".

Now the Acana cat food as I understand it is grain/gluten free has oatmeal and pea fibre. My big thing is will it be ok to feed and feed to a cat that is prone to FUS. Will feeding it along with the so/ph canned mess things up or should it be ok. I only add a little dry to the wet to get him to eat the canned.

What are your thoughts, now I just have to find it in Peterborough.

April 20th, 2007, 04:44 PM
I am getting a little excited now as I just called the one store in Kenora and they sell Orijen. Should I go with Orijen instead of Acana and again anyone feeding either to cats with previous FUS problems for good period of time and how are they doing on it.