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Mako is back

April 17th, 2007, 04:21 PM
Sorry it's been so long. Mako is growing so fast. He barks now. He will jump to me from a chair. He gets so excited to see us. He loves going outside to play. He ventures further away from me so I started leash training him. He's finally big enough for a collar, so I bought one that slips over his head, cause I don't want to have a collar on in the house till he gets older. He is doing really great with the leash, moreso than I expected. He has a really funny personality. We are, however, still working on the biting issue. He loves his toy and has carried it into his hiding place that I still haven't found. I thought I lost him earlier today, I was kinda concerned. He has learned it's fun to follow me around the house trrying to play and I was cleaning the house (he thought he was helping me bringing stuffed toys in the kids room from the living room) all of a sudden I turned around and he was no longer following me. So I went on a search for him. I called him but couldn't find him. He finally came out from under one of our chairs where he had been sleeping. I always look under the chairs before I sit so he won't be squished. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi! and let you know Mako is great and so spoiled.
God Bless. Sheila Ray:thumbs up